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Camper Van Hire NZ

Camper Van Hire NZ

New Zealand (commonly shortened to NZ) is an island country in the Pacific Ocean; it is close neighbours with Australia and the two countries are both popular places for camper van hire. NZ is famous for its fantastic scenery, open spaces and landscapes which make a camper van the ideal choice for exploring each corner of the country from Auckland to Queenstown. NZ is also home to many British ex-pats that have made the country home thanks to the lifestyle on offer; there are now over 200,000 Britons in NZ and many of those look at camper van hire and the perfect choice of holidaying in the country.

Finding camper van hire in NZ

New Zealand is one of the most popular markets in the world for camper van hire; NZ also has an excellent variety of camper vans to suit the budget conscious traveller. Each area of NZ has plenty of areas to visit and explore by camper van and each town and city has access to one or more camper van hire companies. The best way to search for a hire firm and find the best prices is to use the internet.

The internet can allow you to search for camper van hire supplier in all parts of the country, quickly and easily. Using a search engine and keywords relating to your area, for example “ camper van hire in Wellington” will instantly give you a list of companies available along with websites and contact details. Many companies have the facilities to provide online booking which will allow you to choose and hire a camper van in minutes; you will however need a valid credit card.

Using comparison websites can also be a good way to find the best priced camper van hire, NZ websites that can provide a price comparison are often the best way to find the lowest possible price.

Choosing your camper van

The size of the group travelling and the type of holiday will play a big part in your choice of camper van hire. NZ is the perfect place for all kinds of different holidays from romantic getaways to adventure and family breaks. Camper vans are available to seat and sleep two, four five or six people and can come with many added extras such as TV and DVD players, bike racks and roof racks. Not all companies will have the type of camper you need and many only have one or two vans available, you may have to search around for the type of camper van you need.

Booking your camper van hire

Camper van hire is very popular in New Zealand and it is recommended that you book as early as possible especially if you require the camper van during peak times. Having your travel plans arranged early will help you in booking and you will be able to request any extras that you require, extras may often have an extra cost on the price of standard hire.

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