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Luton Van Hire

The Luton Van is perhaps the mainstay of van transport and it's one of the best ways to move a large quantity of goods. You may be initially thinking that a Luton van is a particular model, but while many may think that the Luton is a make or model van, the term Luton van refers to the vehicles body. As a result there are a great many manufacturers of 'Luton' style vans and Luton Van hire is one of the most popular hire types available.

This rather adaptable vehicle is a van that sits just under the 3.5 tonne category meaning anyone with a full driving license can drive it. It's also perhaps the most common large van hire in the United Kingdom, so it's perhaps an understatement to say that it's as easy to hire a Luton van as it is any other. This means there will be no problems finding one, and most importantly it's a highly affordable vehicle to hire. This alongside the fact it most probably can fit everything plus the kitchen sink means that you'll spend less time transporting and more time relaxing.

One of the great things people like about Luton van hire is not just their mammoth carrying capacity, but unlike traditional vans; Luton's have a raised floor bed meaning the interior of the van is completely flat. What makes the Luton stand out though is the fact that many Luton van hire companies equip them with a rising tail lift.

Perhaps the striking thing about the Luton is its looks. On first impressions it doesn't overly large, but anyone who has ever taken advantage of Luton van hire will tell you, looks can be deceiving! After all, the Luton van gives you the largest carrying capacity possible without having to rent a 7.5 tonne vehicle which often needs a special license.

Rental prices for Luton van hire starts at around 50 however depending on where you go, you can actually hire a Luton van for half a day or even less. Before you start looking for a bargain, be sure to check out local rental firms as well as the typical man and his van style companies. These days both are becoming increasingly more affordable and an extra pair of hands is always welcome!

Ultimately, Luton van hire gives you the best possible carrying capacity there is in the small goods vehicle market. The Luton is really as large as it gets, and while anyone with a full UK license can drive one, it has to be said that they're not the most manoeuvrable, so it may take some getting used to.

However, the Luton is a fantastic all around transport vehicle and it still remains one of the best. Whatever you need to move, if a Luton van can't shift it, possibly nothing will! These vehicles are the workhorse of countless small goods companies, removal companies and more. The Luton's a vehicle that's designed to make your life easy when it comes to moving bulk goods.

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