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Moving Van Hire

Moving Van Hire

Move home, business or leaving for university are all popular reasons for van hire and there a different vans that are suited to moving. Moving van hire is used daily by hundreds of people and to get a van large enough for packing furniture may require early booking; this is especially true for Luton and 7.5 ton vans that are often of only limited availability.

Types of removal van

Technically speaking, moving van hire can be applied to any sort of van as all vans have storage space; small and medium vans however are less suited than larger vehicles. There are a few vans in the hire market that can be classed as removal vans.

Long wheel base (LWB) and extra- long wheel base (XLWB) vans are a good choice for small to medium house and business moves. Popular vans of this size are the Ford Transit and the Mercedes Sprinter and can offer valuable space while being much the same as a small wheel base van to drive and manoeuvre. A typical LWB van will have a load volume of around nine metres cubed and a payload of 1500 kg and a XLWB van will give a load length of over four metres and a payload of approximately 1200-1500kg. It often occurs that the XLWB van will have slightly less payload than a LWB van; this is due to the extended length.

The Luton van is the most popular choice for moving van hire. The Luton is a box van design which gives excellent length, width and height for storage and has a generous payload. The shape of the Luton gives it the advantage over the LWB vans and allows more furniture to be transported in one journey. The Luton is a 3.5 ton van which means it is still eligible for drivers on a standard category B driving licence. Another usual feature that the Luton has is the option of a tail lift; a tail lift can be used to help lift items from the ground to the base of the van which is useful for large objects.

The 7.5 ton is the best choice of moving van hire if you are looking to move large amounts in one go a standard 7.5 ton van will have around 9 metres in load length which is perfect for large home and business removals. The 7.5 ton van is not as widely available as the other moving vans and will require that the driver has a category C1 licence. The 7.5 ton van also has the benefit of the optional tail lift and is available in both box and curtain sided models.

Man and van service

A man and van service can often be a good option for moving van hire; it gives the benefit of a driver which is beneficial if you are in need of a larger vehicle. A man and van will often be able to provide an extra pair of hands in helping to load and unload the vehicle.

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