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Refrigerated Van Hire

For small businesses that require a refrigerated van infrequently, the purchase of such a vehicle can be an unnecessary and also costly expense. However refrigerated van hire is a great alternative and it's nowhere as expensive as it once was. It can be one of the most economical solutions if you simply need something to get your goods from A to B and you don't need a vehicle every day of the week.

Refrigerated van hire typically offers the same range of vehicles you'd expect from traditional van hire except that they all have freezer or chiller units fitted. For the most part, the refrigeration units on these vehicles can maintain temperatures of -2.5'c or higher depending on the vehicle. Typically, while many smaller vans are single compartment vehicles, there are also vehicles with dual compartments as well as everything from mini vans up to 7.5 tonne lorries.

The good thing about refrigerated vehicles is that they're all relatively new, typically being under a few years old. As well as that, the refrigerator units are fully maintained and serviced as you'd expect. Most of them even have in-cab controls for the chiller / freezer unit which means you can monitor everything from within the vehicle.

While typically there is not much different between refrigerated van hire and traditional van hire, it's true to say that many refrigerated van hire companies have more comprehensive insurance and most of them offer rental packages which ensure that a rapid replacement vehicle is found in the event of a breakdown ensuring that any perishable cargo is saved.

Rental rates for refrigerated van hire typically starts at around 30 per day depending on your location, the type of van you hire and also how long you wish to hire it for as if you rent a vehicle for more than three days, you may very well be able to get a discount. Likewise, many companies also have monthly rates available which could save you a great deal when compared to paying the daily rate

While it may be hard to find refrigerated van hire in some areas, there are a number of options available which should mean you don't need to look too far because it's almost guaranteed that there's a provider nearby.

Refrigerated van hire is a great way to get your goods from A to B without having to worry about anything other than safe driving. The only thing you need to do is to drive! No more worrying about insurance, tax and expensive maintenance because the rental company takes care of all that. For commercial vehicle hire such as refrigerated van hire, it's proven to be one of the most affordable ways to get the mobility you need.

Ultimately refrigerated van hire is designed to be affordable so that business can take advantage of the service whenever they need it. Thanks to the great many options available, many companies are even choosing to take advantage of refrigerated van hire on a semi-permanent basis.

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