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Sleeper Van Hire

Sleeper vans have quite the cult following, and for many, sleeper van hire is perhaps one of the most enjoyable ways to travel across a country. In the UK, sleeper van hire has only recently caught on, and while rental is focused around major cities, it's by no means a small industry and there are thousands of vehicles to choose from.

When it comes to sleeper van hire, its often been a popular choice for travelling bands as a sleeper van can sleep as many as four people! You might not think it possible, but effective conversions can prove just how much space is available in vehicles such as Volkswagen Transporters, Ford Transits and Mercedes Sprinters to name but a few.

Typically, sleeper van hire is focused around major cities in the UK. Finding a sleeper van hire company can be difficult, but there are a number of providers. One of the best places to look is for rental companies that offer motor homes and those which are focused towards providing tour buses / splitter vans.

For the most part, sleeper vans are easy to drive and rental prices start at around 80. Rental includes all the usual extras you'd expect such as insurance, breakdown cover and in some cases you can even take advantage of one way van hire. With a sleeper van however, part of the fun is in the journey!

Typically, many rental companies will place a mileage restriction of around 200 miles on their vehicles. As a result, it's always a good idea to tell them where you're going so that if you need to drive farther than say 200 miles, you're not going to be fined at the end of the trip.

Likewise, when it comes to actually hiring a sleeper van, the first thing to check is that you're going to be able to drive it. Typically a full UK driving license is required as well as at least a year's driving experience and finally that you're over 25. Other than that, it's also important to check the insurance policy in advance and if possible reduce any excess.

Sleeper van hire is popular with all sorts of people and it's clear for all to see that they're becoming more and more popular as the conversions get more spacious more luxurious and just as refined as any hotel room! It's true to say that while a sleeper van may be compact; you most certainly will have a relaxed, luxurious and comfortable sleep in the back of this finely converted vehicle which has everything you need, some cases including the kitchen sink!

If you've never tried sleeper van hire before and you need to hire a vehicle and take a long trip, then perhaps a sleeper van is a truly economical solution. It may very well turn into one of the most memorable trips ever, as a sleeper van holiday is an experience that few ever forget!

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