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Van Hire Glasgow

Van Hire Glasgow

Avan hire Glasgowcompany that provides excellent service, AMK Self Drive has long years of experience in the vehicle and van hire business. It has been operating in Glasgow since 1979 and has an extensive range of vans and other vehicles to offer to its customers. Whether you need short term hire or long term van hire this is the right van hire Glasgowcompany for you. It is also a company that is open for business on all seven days of the week and has a dedicated staff that will address all your requirements.

Van Hire - AMK Self Drive

AMK Self Drive is a van hire Glasgowcompany that has different vans including small Peugeot Partner vans and larger sized vans such as the Luton Box van. If you are interested in hiring a Peugeot Partner, then AMK Self Drive makes them available for 35 GBP per day rent and 175 GBP per week. If you drive the van over the permitted mileage, this van hire Glasgowcompany will charge an additional eight pence per mile.

Rent a Peugeot Partner cheaply

You can also hire a Peugeot Partner with rear seats for 38 GBP per day and 190 GBP per week. The same excess mileage charges apply for this car as for the normal Peugeot Partner. In addition, this van hire Glasgowcompany also rents out the Transit short wheel base Nissan Primistar van for 44 GBP daily hire and 220 GBP weekly hire and charges an additional 12 pence for each mile driven over the permitted mileage.

Transit long wheel base vans

It is also possible to hire the Transit long wheel base van from this van hire Glasgowcompany which will charge you 62 GBP per day rent and 310 GBP per week rent. If you drive over the permitted mileage, then you will be charged an additional 18 pence per extra mile. If you wish to hire a Luton Box van then this van hire Glasgowcompany will provide it to you for a daily charge of 72 GBP and 360 GBP per week rate. Again, for extra miles driven, the company will charge you an additional 18 pence per mile.

Similarly, to hire a Luton with tail lift you will need to pay 82 GBP per day and 410 GBP per week. The same extra mileage charges apply for this van as for the regular Luton Box van. You can also hire a Luton extended box van with tail lift for 88 GBP per day and 440 GBP per week. The prices charged by this van hire Glasgowcompany include VAT and insurance and you also get 200 miles free on a daily basis. Damage excess on a Luton van will cost you 200 GBP.

AMK Self Drive is also a van hire Glasgowcompany that offers to rent out its vans for short periods of time such as for four hours. You will only need to pay 30 GBP to hire a Partner van for four hours and extra miles driven will be charged at the rate of 12 pence per mile. A short wheel base transit van can be hired for four hours for a rate of just 30 GBP and 12 pence will be charged for each mile driven over the permissible mileage.

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