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12 Seater Van hire

12 Seater Van hire

12 seater van hire can offer a comfortable and cost effective way to travel to a destination within the UK or in Europe. There are hundreds of companies that can offer 12 seater vans to be used on a self-drive basis or with a driver; most towns and cities in the UK will have a selection of suppliers that can serve that area with both local, independent companies and large UK franchises.

Driving a 12 seater van

If you are choosing 12 seater van hire on a self-drive basis then you will need to show that you have a full UK driving licence. All 12 seater vans can be driven on a car licence although each company will have different restrictions on the age and experience the driver must have. The minimum that is set by companies to drive a van is 21 although many suppliers will demand that the driver is 25 and over. This is because a 25 year old is deemed more experienced and therefore cheaper on insurance costs. Some companies may also ask that the driver has no more than six point on their licence anyone that has more than six points is classed as an insurance risk and may find it hard to hire a vehicle.

Paying a deposit for hire

Most suppliers that offer 12 seater van hire will generally demand that a deposit is paid before the vehicle is driven away. The deposit is usually taken by debit or credit card which will only be charged should the deposit need to be forfeited in any way. The deposit will only be held back should any damage occur to the vehicle whilst in your care. Some companies who supply vans with a driver may not ask for a deposit which is a good option to take if you do not have a valid credit or debit card.

General Rules during hire

Many minibus and 12 seater van hire suppliers will provide minibuses with a set of guidelines that must be followed. Companies will expect you to treat the van as if it were your own and treat other road users and the driver (if applicable) with respect.

All smoking on 12 seater vans is against the law, should anyone be caught smoking it may result not only in the loss of your deposit but police action being taken. Companies’ policies on alcohol will differ and many will allow alcohol to be consumed by the passengers in a respectable manner. If you do intend on driving alcohol on the van then you should notify the company prior to hire as there may be a need for extra deposit or insurance charges.

Finding 12 seater van hire

There is numerous ways that 12 seater vans can be found. Local taxi firms often have a selection of vans that be hired with a driver, these are easily found in local directories and supermarket notice boards. The internet offers the best place to find van hire both self-drive and with driver.

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