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Large Van Hire

Large Van Hire

A large van offers excellent benefits to people needing to move and carry around large and heavy objects. Many people only need the use of a van on temporary basis and spending thousands of pounds buying one then paying for tax and insurance is often too much cost in comparison with the amount of times the van will be used; this makes large van hire a great alternative.

The large van is built to hold more weight and larger objects than a smaller van and they are a lot easier to handle than a truck or lorry. Another benefit is that most large vans can be driven using a full UK car driving license.

Types of large van

There may be certain specifications that you need van to have and most large van hire companies offer a variety of vans that can cater to the needs of any customer.

Luton van

The Luton van is an extremely popular hire van, especially with house movers; this is because of the features it possesses. Many of the leading names in car manufacture produce a version of the Luton including:
  • Ford
  • Peugeot
  • Citroen
  • Fiat
  • Mercedes
The Luton can usually provide around 4.0 metres in load length and offers the use of an optional tail lift. The tail lift is usually for lifting heavy goods into the van and is built to hold up to a tonne in weight. The doors can either be in roller form or barn door style and the fact that it drives like a smaller van make it one of the most widely used by large van hire firms.

Transit van

The Ford Transit has long been the van of choice for large van hire firms and customers alike; many people like to choose the Transit as it offers familiarity and excellent versatility. The Transit is the large vehicle range comes with a long wheel base (LWB) or the extra- large wheel base (XLWB). The main benefit of the LWB Transit is that it offers extra loading space while not taking away from the manoeuvrability. There is also very little difference in the fuel consumption of a LWB Transit and its smaller counterpart. The high roof version of the Transit gives even more loading space and will give a general payload of 1200 – 1500 kg.

Mercedes Sprinter

Like the Transit, the Mercedes Sprinter offers excellent versatility and is far and away the most popular van in the XLWB range used by large van hire firms. A Sprinter can give up to 4.0 metres in loading space which makes it perfect for transporting large items such as carpets and furniture. The greater length of the Sprinter means than it carries slightly less weight with a payload of around 1400 kg. The side panel door on all Sprinters mean that it has easy accessibility from both back and front and the handling and driving ability means that it is no different from driving a small wheel base version.

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