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Van Hire With Tail Lift

Van Hire With Tail Lift

Vans are an ideal choice for all kinds of job; one of the most common uses is removal. People often look to hire a van when they are moving house or business, and students, for example, search for van hire when they are leaving home and travelling to university. Removal van hire will require a larger sized van than the small Vauxhall Combo or the Ford Connect; the vans usually suited for removals are long wheel base vans such as the Mercedes Sprinter and Ford Transit or Luton box vans and 7.5 tonne vans.

The Luton van and the 7.5 tonne van are often in more demand than the Transit or Sprinter for removals, this is because they give the option of van hire with tail lift.

Luton van hire with tail lift

Moving house or business can be a stressful time and one of the hardest tasks is the transferring of all the furniture from one place to another. Many of us have large three piece suites, wardrobes and chests of drawers that can prove very heavy and awkward. Lifting them into a removal van can be a hard task for even two or three people and van hire with tail lift makes the job so much easier.

The Luton van is one of the only forms of van that is available with a tail lift, making it the most popular van for removals. The tail lift is a hydraulic device that is used to fold out and carry heavy goods to and from the van. The Luton comes with a high floor base so the use of the lift is all the more beneficial. Luton vans can come without a tail lift but the vans with the lift are more suited to removal jobs. The lift can carry around one tonne in weight which matches the payload of the Luton and will come with roller shutter doors which makes for easy access. The fact that the Luton has around 4.0 metres of internal space in the rear of the vehicle makes it perfect for all kinds of furniture and carpets. Most van companies are likely to have a version of the Luton available as it is made by all of the leading van manufacturers, it can also be driven using a standard UK driving license.

7.5 tonne van hire with tail lift

Hiring a 7.5 tonne van with a tail lift also offers the same benefits as the Luton and will also come with roller shutter doors. The box version of the 7.5 tonne van is usually the vehicle of choice for home and business removals, its main benefits over the Luton are space and payload. Internal space on offer is usually around three metres greater than the Luton at 7.0 metres and the payload is around 2500 kg – 2750 kg. The downside to 7.5 tonne van hire with a tail lift is the fact that a category C1 license must be held although there a vans for hire with a driver.

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