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Cheap Van Hire Bristol

Cheap Van Hire Bristol

People searching for a van to use to cover a short term need often look for cheap van hire. Bristol is one of the most popular places in the UK for van hire and because of that fact the city and larger county are well catered for.

When trying to find cheap van hire, Bristol has a lot of options; there are many companies with an excellent selection of vans that are just perfect for any kind of job. The fact that there is an abundance of van hire means that prices are very competitive and companies will try to outdo each other to provide the cheapest prices in the area. It is very rare that you will stumble upon the cheapest hire firm at the first time of asking, so to achieve the lowest possible price you will need to search around all the van hire firms in your area and gather four or five quotes; from this you will be able to choose the best option.

Finding a van suited to you

Just because you have found a company that provides cheap van hire does not mean that their service is going to be suited to your requirements. What often happens is that an advertisement that says “cheap van hire: Bristol” will be based on the smallest van for the minimum hire a period. This may not be suited to what you need; you may require a larger van over a week or a month so it is best to know exactly what you need the van for and the duration before phoning for quotes.

If you are moving house then you will be more suited to a larger van such as a Mercedes Sprinter or a Luton over a few days whereas if you are picking up a chest of drawers ordered from eBay then the use of a small van for a few hours may be perfect.

Like most companies offering cheap van hire, Bristol based firms are likely to have a vehicle to suit but the larger the van and the longer the hire period then the higher the price.

Choosing extras when hiring

Many van hire companies are able to supply extras with the van; there are times when certain extra items may be needed to help you in your task. One popular extra is a towbar; many vans come without a towbar and if you are planning on towing anything a towbar will need to be requested. In van extras such as satellite navigation systems and sometimes CD player may also be classed as extras. You should tell them of any extras that you require before being given a quote as they are more than likely to put up the price of hire.

Another added extra that is popular is a tail lift; this is not included in some quotes for cheap van hire. Bristol based hire firms may look to include this as an extra on Luton and 7.5 tonne vans.

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