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Cheap Van Hire Luton

Cheap Van Hire Luton

Luton is a large town based in the area of Bedfordshire; the town’s location is ideally suited for those looking for cheap van hire. Luton is just 30 miles from London which gives added options to available vans across the area. Finding cheap van hire can be done in a number of ways:
  • Local directories
  • Newspapers
  • Notice boards
  • Shop windows
  • Internet 

All of the listed methods will lead to companies in the Luton area that are able to provide cheap van hire. Luton is a popular commercial town and the need for vans in different sizes and varieties is great, vans are available to hire that can match any task.

Measuring items before hire

The size of the van you are hiring will be the factor in the price of cheap van hire. Luton van hire firms will always price the smallest van at the lowest price. It could be wise for you to measure any objects that you plan on transporting, this may mean that you need a smaller van than first thought and therefore will make a saving. Van hire firms will be able to give the dimensions and load capacity of the vans in stock; this will allow you to determine the right sized van for the job.

Companies that have personal websites will usually have photos of the vans available for hire and all of the dimensions needed. Many companies will also have expert customer service teams that are able to help you in finding a van that is suited to your exact requirements; passing on the measurement of your items to the professional staff can lead you to the perfect van. The right sized van will also mean not spending any extra money on fuel.

How many people needed for the task?

If you are planning on transporting large items you may need the help of extra bodies to aid in the loading and unloading of the van, the amount of seats needed in the van can also play a part in getting the lowest priced, cheap van hire. Luton box vans will have room in the front for the driver and two passengers whilst a smaller van will only have room for the driver plus one passenger.

Where to look for van hire in Luton?

Luton is home to one of the UK’s major airports: London Luton Airport. Many of the major car and van rental companies base their operations in local airports; this can be an excellent place to find cheap van hire. Luton’s close links with London is also an advantage in finding van hire at cheap prices.

Although Luton is home to many local and nationwide van hire services, London is home to many more. Many hire firms based in the capital are able to provide van hire to Luton and having the wider variety of choice will enable you to find the lowest prices.

Dunstable is also a near neighbour that has van hire services that are able to cater to residents of Luton.

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