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Cheap Van Hire Leeds

Cheap Van Hire Leeds

The need for vans on a short term basis is ever on the increase and there is extra demand from those looking for cheap van hire. Leeds is one of the most popular cities in the UK for van hire services and is known for being the commercial centre of Yorkshire. While cheap van hire is readily available in all areas of Leeds, the lowest prices may not be found at the first attempt; it is also necessary that people receive a level of service that is first class despite the price. There are certain things that people should look for when looking to combine low around cost with a high standard of service.

Membership to the BVRLA

The British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association is the industry regulator, hiring from a company that is a member of this organisation will mean that you are received a guaranteed high standard of vehicle. The BVRLA have standards that must be met by each of its members to ensure that customers are receiving the best possible all-round service. A company’s membership to the BVRLA is not likely to have any effect on the cost of rental and many members still offer cheap van hire, Leeds has many hire firms that are affiliated to the BVRLA.

Choosing to hire local

Cities in the UK are generally home to both companies that are family and independently run and those that are based on a nationwide scale. Local, family run businesses usually rely on repeat custom and word of mouth for a large portion of revenue, and often achieve this thanks to the low cost of hire and the friendly and warm customer service. Many people live close to a local van hire company and will know someone that has rented with them before, this can be a good way of achieving cheap van hire. Leeds is home to many local and independent companies and although some may not have the facilities of a nationwide company, prices can often be cheaper. Some local companies are also able to offer van hire with the option of a driver which can be helpful in many circumstances.

Choosing to hire from a nationwide company

There is often a large presence of nationwide companies in many of the large cities in the UK. A good place to look for these companies is often the airport. A nationwide company can offer the customer more advantages in the selection of vehicles and where the vehicle can be used. Many allow their vans to be used in Europe and for one way hire; this is something that cannot be offered on a local level. A nationwide company usually supplies all vehicles on a self-drive basis; if you require the use of a driver then a local company will be better suited.

Choosing to hire over a longer period can often mean a lower daily price, this is how many companies offer cheap van hire, Leeds companies often offer vans for less than £20 per day when hired for over a month.

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