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Cheap Van Hire Liverpool

Cheap Van Hire Liverpool

Van hire is becoming a popular market in the UK and many cities and towns now have dozens of companies, all vying for custom. The level of competition only benefits the consumer and it has now become a lot easier to find cheap van hire. Liverpool is one example where companies offer van hire at low costs; the size and population of the city also means that there is often van hire based within walking distance of many people’s homes. The lowest price that hire firms advertise in usually based either on the smallest van for the shortest period of time or the daily price when hired over a long period. The lowest daily price available can be achieved by hiring a van for over a month. Many companies provide discounts for longer term hire, sometimes though a van is only needed for a day or maybe less, there are some things to take into account when looking for low cost van hire.

Hidden costs when hiring

If you are looking through a local press publication, shop window or on the internet it is not unfamiliar to see an advertisement for “Cheap Van Hire Liverpool”. The quote you are given from a lot of companies may seem like cheap van hire until all of the extras have been included. One big factor in the actual price you will pay is the VAT, some companies will quote a price that is excluding VAT and this is done to make the customer believe that quote they are seeing is the lowest around. VAT currently stands at a rate of 20%, this added on to the quote you have been given will make a substantial difference.

Other extras that are sometimes not included in the price of hire are:
  • Insurance
  • Mileage allowance
  • Breakdown Cover
All three of these factors will have an effect on the overall price of hire. The insurance is something that must be purchased to be able to drive the vehicle; there are many companies that will include third party or comprehensive insurance included in the total cost of cheap van hire. Liverpool based companies that try to charge an extra fee for insurance should be avoided.

Many van hire companies in Liverpool supply vans that are modern and well maintained, there is rarely a need for breakdown cover, it does however give the customer peace of mind when renting. Once again many companies will provide breakdown cover in with the quote for cheap van hire. Liverpool is a city will hundreds of van hire companies and it is easy to find a reputable, reliable company.

The mileage allowance will differ between companies, some will provide unlimited mileage and others will supply vans with a mileage allowance. The allowance will be a based on a number of miles that you are allowed to drive, per day, in the van. A hire firm may set the mileage allowance at 100 miles per day and a charge of between 15p-30p per mile thereafter.

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