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Cheap Van Hire Edinburgh

Cheap Van Hire Edinburgh

Many areas of the UK now have access to van hire. The demand has risen over the years in people looking to hire a van as an alternative to buying or signing up for a long term lease. Because of the number of companies springing up on a monthly basis; business has become competitive in the market of cheap van hire. Edinburgh is one of the cities in the UK that can testify to the fact that cheap van hire is readily available.

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and one of the UK’s most populated cities. The number of people on the move often requires the need for a van whether it is for a domestic or commercial need. There are steps that you can use to find the best possible cheap van hire; Edinburgh has dozens of companies that are run on both a local and a national level and is willing to offer the cheapest hire around.

Hidden costs when hiring

One thing that can impact on how cheaply you find a van for hire is hidden costs. When hiring a van there are extra items that will need to be calculated in to the price of hire. These items are:
  • Insurance
  • VAT
  • Mileage
  • Breakdown cover
All of these items when added to the cost of the van can mean not-so-cheap van hire. Edinburgh has some companies that will include of charges in with the total quote; other van hire companies in the city may not so it is important to find out if these charges are included.

The insurance is needed for you to be able to drive the van and the insurance that should be sought is comprehensive insurance this will cover both the van and the passengers. The VAT if not included in the quote that you have been given will add 20% to the total cost of hire, and you should always ask for a quote that includes the VAT.

Breakdown cover is offered by most companies, in the majority of cases the cover will not be needed but it does offer peace of mind.

Companies will differ in their policies on mileage allowance. Some companies will offer you a van with unlimited mileage while other may have an allowance of, for instance 150 miles per day. After this mileage allowance has been exceeded there will be a small charge per mile used. The charge will depend on the hire firm but is usually in the region of 15-30p per mile.

Self-drive hire and hire with driver

Choosing whether to hire a van to be driven on a self-drive basis or a van with a driver will also impact on the cost of cheap van hire, Edinburgh van hire firms mostly offer vans on a self-drive basis but there is still a market for the option of a driver. The extra of hiring a van with a driver will be the need to pay for the wages of the driver and the van; this will not apply with self-drive.

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