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Cheap Camper Van Hire

Cheap Camper Van Hire

Camper van holidays are becoming more and more popular in the UK as people look for alternative ways to spend a break away. A camper van allows you to explore all areas of the UK and Europe at a cost that is ideal for the budget conscious traveller. Trying to tour the British Isles or Europe by staying hotels at each stop and using public transport can be extremely costly; the camper allows you to set up camp in a different area every night and travel at your own pace.

There are numerous companies in the UK that can offer cheap camper van hire to suit anyone’s requirements but finding the cheapest possible prices may take some research and good timing as there are various offers to found throughout the year.

Booking travel during “off-peak” times

A good way to get cheap camper van hire is to travel at less popular times of the year. Camper van hire is at its peak during the summer months of June, July and August and also during school holidays such as Easter. If you are able to cater you travel plans outside of these months then you are likely to find a saving.

It is not possible for everyone, especially those who plan on holidaying as a family but organising a trip during school term time can save hundreds of pounds when compared with camper van hire in the summer. Winter months are not ideal for holidaying by camper van but months such as March, April and September often have milder weather and are classed as “off-peak” which means you could make a saving.

The “off-peak” months are often subject to many special offers from camper van suppliers and there may be discounted rates for mid-week travel and long weekends.

Using comparison websites

A good to find the lowest price for any product is to use a price comparison website, there are specialist websites that are dedicated to finding cheap camper van hire. The way, in which a price comparison website finds cheap camper van hire is simple, all that is required is the pick- up and drop point, dates of travel and your choice of vehicle. Once you have inputted your travel details, the price comparison website will search through a database of hundreds of companies and list the camper van suppliers in your area that have the lowest prices, you are then able to be referred to your selected website for booking.

Type of camper vans available

Your choice of camper van will be the defining factor in the overall cost of camper van hire; cheap camper van hire is usually based on the small two berth camper vans. Many companies offer a selection of classic VW Camper vans that have be refurbished and restored, hiring one of these models will often be higher priced that choosing a more modern camper van as they are designed to give a retro and nostalgic experience, both modern and vintage camper vans will provide the same features.

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