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Cheap London Van Hire

Cheap London Van Hire

As the capital city of England and one of the largest and most populated cites in the world; London is a perfect place for van hire. Cheap London van hire can be found in every area of the capital and the vans available can be applied to any job or task.  There are many different companies that can provide van hire; London is home to both local, family run businesses and van suppliers that work on a nationwide platform. Each company will generally have a selection of vehicles from small vans such as the Ford Connect to large vans such as a 7.5 ton. Finding cheap London van hire is easily done whether you are a resident or a visitor to the city and there a various ways to find it.

Van hire from airports

Many of the leading nationwide van hire companies’ base their operation in the various airports across the UK, airports are easily accessible and are the ideal place for people living in, or visiting the country to hire a van. London is home to some of the UK’s largest airports including:
  • Heathrow Airport
  • Gatwick Airport
  • Stansted Airport
  • London City Airport
There is also London Luton Airport which is based in Luton just 30 miles outside the city and with strong links to the capital. Many of the companies that are based at London’s airports have the facilities for online booking; this is one way to get cheap London van hire.

Booking online is often subject to a discount on other methods of booking a van; companies are willing to offer other benefits with online booking such as free delivery and collection of the van.

Self-drive van hire

Another way to find cheap London van hire is to choose the option of self-drive, this means that the vehicle will be driven by the person hiring and will not have a company employed driver. Hiring a van with a driver as opposed to self-drive often leads to higher prices as there is the driver’s wages to factor into the cost of hire. Self-drive means that you are able to just hire the van and it will be at a much lower price, self-drive also allows you to drive the van as and where you choose to.

The added costs of not choosing a driver are the insurance needed and the deposit. A deposit is paid to ensure that the company are covered for any damage that the customer causes to the vehicle, should the van be returned damaged in any way then a deposit may be forfeited.

Most companies will include insurance in the quote given for hire, and will cover the van against any damage; insurance is also available to cover the driver as-well as the vehicle.

Unlimited mileage van hire

Choosing cheap London van hire with unlimited mileage can save money if you are intending to travel long distances, some companies will have a cap on how many miles can be done and charge a fee for every mile done over the allowance.

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