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Cheap Luton Van Hire

Cheap Luton Van Hire

Van hire is the perfect solution for many people and avoids all of the extra costs that come with owning a van. Buying a van outright will mean paying out extra costs on maintaining the vehicle and paying for tax, insurance and MOT’s on a yearly basis; hiring a van involves none of these costs and you are able to choose from many different sized vans to suit the job you need to do. 

One of the most popular reason for van hire is removals; many people need a large van to help in moving home or business and hiring is often the only way to gain access to a large enough vehicle for the task. The most popular van for removals is the Luton; the Luton is a large box van perfect for transporting large items of furniture and most of the leading van manufacturers have their own take on the Luton van. Hiring a larger van such as the Luton will be more expensive than hiring a smaller van such as the VW Caddy. Many companies only have a limited amount of these vans for hire and although cheap Luton van hire is available, it may prove tougher to find.

Booking your van hire in advance

When looking for cheap Luton van hire it is advisable to book as far in advance as possible, the Luton is often the most popular van in a company’s fleet and booking one last minute may not be possible. Booking in advance can also be a good way to gain a discount on the price of hire; some companies offer reduced rates for advanced bookings and there may also be discounts available on certain days of the week. Van hire is more common on the weekend than it is mid-week, arranging your hire for use on quieter days of the week such as Tuesday and Wednesday may also enable you to receive cheap Luton van hire.

Booking in advance over the internet can also be a good way to achieve further discounts; many suppliers look to increase online bookings and will offer a discount to entice customers.

Hiring a Luton with a tail-lift

The Luton van is one of the most versatile vans on the market, it can be driven as easily as a smaller vehicle and can also be supplied with an optional tail-lift to aid in the loading and unloading of the vehicle. A tail-lift is a hydraulic lift at the rear of the van that can be beneficial in many jobs and is ideal for helping to load and unload heavy and awkward objects to and from the vehicle. If a tail lift is needed then it is best to have one included on a Luton van as other vans with tail-lifts are generally larger and will cost more to hire. The best option for cheap Luton van hire would be to choose a van without a tail-lift as it will often be charged as an extra and push up the price of hire.

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