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Cheapest Van Hire

Cheapest Van Hire

Van hire is a very competitive market and there is big competition in who can offer the cheapest van hire. The rise in the amount of companies that provide van hire means that prices are becoming lower which is of great benefit to the customer; van hire can easily be found for as little as £21 per day. Finding the cheapest possible van hire will ultimately come down to what the customer requires in regards to van type, extra features and the duration of hire.

Choosing the correct type of van

There are dozens of different vans on the market; most of the leading names in car and van manufacturer have a range of different sized vans for every purpose. There are small vans suited for transporting smaller items such as a washing machine or television and there are large vans big enough for transporting furniture from a house move.

The price that is advertised by companies as the cheapest van hire will be based on a smaller van, as the van increases in size so does the price of hire. Measuring the items that you need to transport can help in deciding what size of van you need.

  • A small van such as a Vauxhall combo will have a load volume of approximately 3.0 metres cubed and a payload of 600kg.
  • A medium SWB van such as a Ford Transit or similar will have load volume of 5.6 metres cubed and a maximum payload of 950kg
  • A LWB van such as a Ford Transit or Mercedes Sprinter will have a load volume of 9.1 metres cubed and a payload of 1500kg
  • A large Luton box van has a load volume of 15.1 metres cubed and a payload of 1400kg

Inclusive costs in van hire

To drive a hire van you will need to ensure that the van is insured it also help if the driver is also insured. Fully comprehensive or third party liability insurance should be included in the quote you are given, if you require insurance for a second driver this may hamper you in finding the cheapest van hire as there is generally an extra charge for an additional driver.

Including the VAT in the quote you have been given is also something that will affect how cheap the overall cost of hire is. When given a quote it is important to ask if the quote is including or excluding VAT, if the quote is excluding VAT then you can expect to pay an extra 20% on top of the quote you have been given.

Breakdown cover is also something looked at when looking for the cheapest van hire, most companies will include breakdown and recovery to cover the van in whatever part of the UK you are travelling in, however some companies may add the cost of breakdown cover onto the overall price of the van hire.

There are also various extras that will not be inclusive and may command an extra fee, such as Sat Nav’s and tail lifts.

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