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Cheap Man and Van Hire

Cheap Man and Van Hire

When searching for van hire you are generally met with two options - self-drive hire or hire with a driver. Self-drive hire will involve hiring a van to be driven by the hirer; a van with driver will allow a qualified and experienced driver to operate the van on your behalf. Having the option of a driver has many benefits as it takes away the stress of driving a vehicle that you have little experience of driving. It also takes away the need for paying a deposit and insurance as would be applicable with self-drive hire. A van with driver service is also known as a “man and van” service, although a man and van service can offer added extra benefits.  Hiring from a man and van company often means that as well as having someone to drive the vehicle, the driver is able to help load and unload the items from the van; this makes it the perfect service for house and business removals. There is a plethora of ways to find cheap man and van hire up and down the UK.

Finding man and van hire

Finding cheap man and van hire is done just as easily as finding self-drive hire. Most of the nationwide companies tend to focus on self-drive vehicles and you will generally be served better by looking towards local, independent and family run businesses. There are companies that are run with a selection of vehicles with drivers and some that are based on just one man and one van. Local companies can easily be found using the internet or in local directories; local sole trading businesses may be advertised in local shop windows and on supermarket notice boards. You may also van advertisements for cheap man and van hire in local newspapers in the classified section.

Man and van hire charging

Unlike self-drive vans which are charged mostly at a daily rate, cheap man and van hire will generally be charged by the hour. The price will vary with each service and will depend on the size of the van being hired; a general price is around £25-£40, this will often include the help of the driver in the loading and unloading of the vehicle.

Removal van hire

Man and van hire is popular with removal services. A removal service will supply a van and driver that can take care of your home or business removal. Moving to a new home or leaving for university can be a stressful time, having someone take care of furniture removals can save time and allow you to take care of other aspects of the move.

Other benefits of man and van hire

Finding cheap man and van hire can be beneficial in other ways, it is often the only choice of hire for those that cannot drive or for those who need a larger vehicle but do not have the heavy goods license needed to drive one. Many man and van hire suppliers do not require a deposit which a good option for those without a credit card.

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