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Camper Van Hire England

Camper Van Hire England

England has a long association and fondness for the camper van and many people are now planning holidays using camper van hire. England is place with great landscapes and coasts that can be explored, it also has great road infrastructure which makes each part of the country easily accessible and these factors make up the perfect ingredients for camper van holidays.

Why choose camper van hire?

Holidaying in England is the perfect location for camper van hire. England has great history and culture in many of its cities, staying in a hotel or on a campsite can often restrict you in the places you can see. Another reason why people choose camper van hire over hotels, bed and breakfast and camping sites is the freedom; a camper van allows you to travel where and where you want at a pace that suits you. Camper vans are also becoming popular with festival goers who are looking for an alternative to staying in a tent an in a field that often becomes bogged down and muddy.

Finding camper van hire

There are numerous ways to find a company offering camper van hire. England is home to many suppliers of camper vans and most areas of the country will have one or several options. Some people choose to look for a company using a local directory others will rely on word of mouth from friends and family to find the best camper van hire. The best and most efficient way to find a camper van is to use the internet.

Most companies offering camper vans for hire will have a personal website that allows them to display the vehicles on offer as-well as pricing and availability. Using a search engine will help you to find a company in the local area that can provide a service.

Hiring a camper van

There are numerous options when deciding on the best camper van hire. England has a growing market for camper van holidays and there are vans available that can cater to couples and families on all kinds of holidays and romantic breaks. Some suppliers are also able to provide a camper van that can be used for weddings.

Hiring a camper van for a wedding can be tailored and decorated to the colour scheme of the wedding and include champagne and a personal chauffeur.
Classic versions of the Volkswagen Camper van are a popular choice of camper van and can include room for up to six people; classic campers are usually refurbished with modern interior which can give the authentic driving experience of a VW Camper but with up to date features.

There are extras that can be included when hiring a camper van. These can include:
  • Power supply hook up
  • CD player and MP3
  • TV and DVD
  • Fridge
  • Cooking equipment and cutlery
Some companies will include these features as standard and other may require extra money to include them, it is important to check before hire.

Camper vans are very popular in summer months and advanced booking is recommended.

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