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Camper Van Hire Europe

Camper Van Hire Europe

The popularity of camper van travel has risen in recent years and many people are choosing the option of hiring a camper van as an alternative to buying. Hiring a camper van as opposed to buying means no need for expensive tax and MOT charges and no shelling out money on maintenance; it also gives the option of using the camper van purely as a short term measure for travel and holidays. The chance to travel when and where you would like and in your own time is a big reason why many people choose camper van hire. Europe and the UK can be thoroughly explored without the restrictions of a hotel or bed and breakfast.

Camper van hiring eligibility

A camper van in the UK can generally be hired by anyone between the ages of 25 and 70, some companies will allow drivers over the age of 21 to drive a camper van but it is seen as much more costly for insurance purposes and hire may be more expensive. Anyone holding a full UK driving licence that entitles them to drive a car is eligible to drive a camper van and a car licence will be accepted by all companies camper van hire. Europe has much the same conditions as the UK for driving and a UK driving licence will hold no restrictions. There is often a need for a valid credit or debit card with most bookings; this will be used to pay the deposit and the outstanding balance if required. Some bookings can be made without the use of a credit or debit card but they may be hard to find.

Travelling to Europe in a camper van

The UK offers many great sites and landscapes but is often let down by the weather, many camper van suppliers now allow their vehicles to be driven into Europe. Travelling into Europe by camper van can allow people to travel on a tour of Europe without being restricted by hotels and paying expensive fees in every city.

Many European countries have toll roads that require a fee to access, these roads are not compulsory but usually offer the quickest route and you should be prepared with the correct change if you choose to use the toll roads.

Breakdown and recovery services are included with UK camper van hire, Europe based countries will have different recovery services and you should ensure that your camper van hire includes European breakdown cover; some companies may charge an extra fee for this cover.

Finding camper van hire for Europe

There are hundreds of companies in the UK that offer camper van hire, European trips are not offered by every company. Travelling in to Europe from the UK by camper van has become a popular choice and this has led be more companies adding mainland Europe to their list of destinations.

The internet provides the best way to look for companies that can supply van hire into Europe. A search engine will list companies in the local area.

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