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Camper Van Hire UK

Camper Van Hire UK

In recent years the UK has experienced a rise in the number of companies that can offer camper van hire. UK residents and tourists can hire a van that allows them to travel around the country and see sights that are restricted with other, alternative methods of holidaying. The uptake in popularity has can about in part because it gives holiday makers the chance to try something that doesn’t go down the traditional route of bed and breakfast or hotel stay and also allows them to travel where and when they want at a pace that suits.

Choosing to holiday by camper can be suited to any kind of traveller and is popular with people from all walks of life; couples and families can enjoy stay in a camper van just as much as festival goers and surfers.

What does the camper van offer?

When choosing to travel by camper van you will be met with a wide array of available camper van hire, UK holiday makers will find several companies in each area of the British Isles that can provide a camper van to suit.

Although each style of camper van will look and be designed different, each one will offer the same features overall, this is to include everything needed for a self-catering holiday. Every camper van, no matter what make or model will include:
  • Seating
  • Beds for two, four, five or six people
  • Stove or hob
  • Sink
  • Worktop
  • Lighting
Depending on the camper van and the camper van supplier, there may also be various other features including:
  • Fridge
  • Freezer
  • TV and DVD
  • CD player and iPod hook up

Types of Camper Van

The UK has a good range of both modern and classic camper vans on offer and some specialise in offer classic VW Camper van hire. UK based companies are seeing a rise in demand for the classic Volkswagen models of the 1960’s and 1970’s and many now stock refurbished versions of the original vehicles. The refurbished VW Campers offer the change for customers to experience the authentic feel and drive of a vintage model whilst still being able to benefit from modern features.

Newer Type 5 versions of the VW camper van are still the most popular in the market of camper van hire, UK companies do however offer other manufacturers’ camper van offerings including the Mercedes Vito and Mazda Bongo.

Booking a camper van

The best way to book a camper van is to search and find a company over the internet. Most camper van hire suppliers have personal websites showcasing the company, having a website allows them to show pictures and details of the camper van as-well availability and tariffs. Some companies can offer online booking although booking over the phone is the most preferred method.

When booking a camper van, no matter what the time period, you should make sure that insurance, breakdown cover, VAT and either unlimited or a high mileage allowance are included in the quote you are given.

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