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Camper Van Hire Wales

Camper Van Hire Wales

Wales is a country with great landscapes, castles and historical sights combined with modern culture and technology; there is much to see when visiting the country and one of the best ways to do so is through camper van hire. Wales is a popular destination for camper van users and attracts people from not just the UK but from across the world.

Buying a camper van can prove costly. There is not just the cost of buying or paying the higher purchase payments, there is yearly MOT’s, tax and insurance to factor in as-well as the maintaining of features included in the van. The overall cost of a van can prove too expensive for a vehicle that is generally only used for short getaways and weekly breaks; this has led to increasing amounts of people choosing to hire a camper over a short period of time to fulfil their holiday needs.

Benefits of hiring a camper van

There is numerous reason and benefits that come with choosing camper van hire. Wales is a country that has much to be seen, many of the country’s natives have never seen some of the sights on offer and tourists are often confined to one area and tied down to a bed and breakfast or hotel. Although it is a fairly small country, trying to journey from place to place staying in hotels can prove extremely costly, a camper van offers the perfect solution. Campers vans offer the best way to see a country such as Wales and allow you to do it on a budget. The freedom of the camper van experience is also something that appeals to many people; you are able to journey around at your own pace and can travel at any time of the day with no restrictions.

There is no special restriction on the type of traveller suited to camper van hire; Wales based camper suppliers are able to provide a van that is suited to lone traveller’s as-well as families or groups of up to six people.

Camper van hire also means that there is no need to worry about the various tax and insurance costs that come with owning.

Inclusive features with camper van hire

Each company will differ on what it includes in the cost of camper van hire, Wales is a popular place for camper van hiring and many companies will supply everything needed to enjoy your holiday.

The first things that you should make sure are included in the price of hire are:
  • Insurance
  • Breakdown cover
  • VAT
These three things should be included and not charged as extras; companies that supply the van with unlimited mileage allowance are also beneficial. Most companies will also supply the following:
  • Water supply
  • 240v power lead and hook up
  • Bedding
  • Cooking equipment
  • Gas canister if needed for stove
  • Cutlery
There many also be added extras such as a Satellite Navigation System, TV and DVD as-well as a CD player and iPod hook up.

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