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Camper Van Hire Scotland

Camper Van Hire Scotland

Scotland is one of the world’s most beautiful countries and is a perfect place to explore using camper van hire. Scotland has rich historical attractions and large open spaces are something that appeals to many people and using a camper van enables you to visit places up and down the country that would normally be restricted with other kinds of holiday. Travelling the length and breadth of Scotland by journeying from hotel to hotel can prove very expensive as can using public transport to visit the various landmarks; using a camper van means that you can travel how and when you like and at your own pace.

Camper van hire in Scotland is a big market and there are companies in each area that can supply the perfect camper van for your travels. Finding the best hire deals may require some research and having your travel plans in place as early as possible.

Planning your trip early

Much like other methods of holidaying, there are some months that are popular than others for camper van hire. Scotland based camper van suppliers often have increased demand during the summer months and during school holidays, hiring a camper van during any of these periods may prove a harder task than in autumn and winter months.

It is best where possible to book your travel as early as possible to avoid missing out on your first choice of camper van and dates; it is also advisable to have alternative camper van choices and dates of travel. The summer months, as one would expect are generally subject to higher prices and to make a saving it may be best to book travel in “off peak” months such as late March/early April.

Types of camper van

There are numerous choices of camper van available and there is generally something that will appeal to any kind of traveller. Campers vans are available to suit anyone from the sole traveller to a family of four or six. A camper van can be hired to accommodate two, four, five or six and each one will include:
  • Hob
  • Beds
  • Sink
  • Worktop
  • Fridge
There are also added extras to add to the trip including TV’s, CD players, bedding and cutlery. VW Campers are the most popular choice of camper van hire; Scotland has many companies that offer classic and refurbished models that combine the 1970’s authentic feel with modern features.

Travelling into Europe

Some companies will allow their camper vans to be used for European travel; this is a great option for many people looking for camper van hire. Scotland is home to many great tourist destinations but is sometimes let down by the poor British weather; European travel can provide excellent sights as-well as a warmer climate in which to enjoy them.

Using a UK driving licence is sufficient for travelling into Europe and you will need to ensure that the insurance and breakdown cover provided by the camper van hire is suited to cover you in Europe.

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