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Van Hire Barnet

Van Hire Barnet

If you wish to hire a van in Barnet, then the best option in so far as a good van hire Barnet company goes is for you to deal with a company called Barnet Van Hire. The company is a specialist in all kinds of van hire services and has two depots in the capital including one that is located in Hackney and the other and newer depot is located on Barnet Hill. One of the reasons why it would pay to deal with a van hire Barnet company like Barnet Van Hire is that their rates are very competitive. At the same time, the company also offers specialist services to ensure that you get the best deal.

Van hire –Barnet Van Hite

Barnet Van Hire is a van hire Barnet company that offers a variety of vans for hire. From the small sized van to the Luton to large 7.5 tonne trucks, the company has them. In addition, the company also offers small Citroen Berlingo vans and longer as well as shorter wheelbase Transits as well as Transit Luton for hire.

Competitive rates

Dealing with Barnet Van Hire can prove to be very advantageous for you as you will benefit from their competitive and low rates as well as the fact that they have a variety of vans to choose from. The company offers van hire Barnet services that include full insurance cover and all the details regarding their vans will be explained to you in a simple and clear manner.

Car derived van rates

The rates charged by this van hire Barnet company are very competitive. For example, you would be charged daily rates of 42 pounds for a car derived van having a payload of 500 kilograms. The same van would cost 84 pounds for weekend hire and 195 pounds for weekly hire. For four hours or overnight use the company charges 30 pounds.

SWB Medium Van rates

A SWB Medium Van would cost you 54 pounds for daily hire. This van has a payload capacity of one thousand pounds. The cost for hiring this van over the weekend is 108 pounds and for a single day the charges are 60 pounds. For weekly hire, the company charges 235 pounds and for four hours or overnight use, the charges are 39 pounds.

The company offers different kinds of vans for hire. For example, it offers the Berlingo which has a little more space than a regular car. It also offers Transit SWB vans that are the perfect option for those who wish to move furniture items. If you need to transport larger items such as fridge-freezers or large furniture items, then you should think about hiring out a Long Wheel Base Transit Van.

The Luton Transit is another option that is worth considering, especially if you are planning on moving home. This particular van has a length of four metres thirteen feet and width of a little over two metres as well as a height of just over two metres. This van hire Barnet company also rents out The Transit Luton with 500 kilogram tail lift which makes it very easy to move domestic appliances.

If you wish to move a three bed house, then you should think about hiring the 7.5 tonne truck with 1000 kilogram tail lift.

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