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Van Hire Epsom

Van Hire Epsom

Key Drive is a long established family run van hire Epsomcompany. In fact, it is a company that enjoys an excellent reputation for caring for each customer and it handles them with professionalism and friendliness. This is a van hire Epsomcompany that will go out of its way to ensure that its customers actually enjoy renting a van from them by making the hiring process very trouble-free and pleasurable.

Van Hire -Key Drive

Key Drive is a van hire Epsomcompany that owns a wide selection of vans that are available for rent in the area between London Heathrow and Gatwick airports. The company is also located not far from the centre of London and specialises in addressing the concerns of travellers and foreign visitors. It is also a BVRLA (British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association) member and is committed to adhering to best practices as well as highest standards of service. Here is a look at what you can expect when you deal with this van hire Epsomcompany.

Range of vans for hire

Key Drive is a van hire Epsomcompany that offers a range of vans for hire. It starts with a van such as the Peugeot Bipper which it is ready to rent out for daily rate of 40.85 GBP. The company has another rate for rental period of between two and six days in which case you will be charged 38.81 GBP per day. If you wish to hire this van for a week or longer, then the rate charged by Key Drive will be 30.64 GBP per day. A typical rental day begins at quarter past eight in the morning and terminates at 8:00 am the following day. The same rates apply if you wish to hire a VW Caddy or Ford Connect.

Ford Transit, VW Crafter and VW Transporter

Key Drive is also a van hire Epsomcompany that is ready to offer other types of vans including the Ford Transit and VW Crafter as well as VW Transporter. For customers that wish to hire any of these vans, Key Drive will have a separate rental charge which looks like this:
  • Daily hire 50.56 GBP
  • Two to six days hire = 49.02 GBP per day
  • Weekly or longer hire = 38.80 GBP per day
You may also be interested in hiring long wheel base vans in which case this van hire Epsomcompany will offer you options such as the VW Crafter long wheel base and the Ford Transit long wheel base van. The rentals for these vans are:
  • Single day hire = 61.27 GBP
  • Two to six days hire = 59.23 GBP per day
  • Seven days or longer hire = 45.95 GBP per day
Key Drive also offers other vans for hire including the VW Crafter extra long wheel base four metre panel van for which the rentals are:
  • Daily hire = 71.48 GBP
  • Two to six days hire = 69.45 GBP per day
  • Weekly or longer duration hire = 51.06 GBP per day

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