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Van Hire Crewe

Van Hire Crewe

Go Green Car and Van Rental is a unique van hire Crewecompany. It is the first UK rental company that is environmentally friendly and it is taking an all new approach to how a van can be rented out. It is a company that lays plenty of emphasis on protecting the environment and will ensure that you are able to cut down fuel as well as congestion charge costs while also protecting the environment. Thisvan hire Crewecompany is making a difference to the environment and to the client’s pocket.

Van Hire –Go Green Car & Van Hire

Go Green Car & Van Hire is an excellent van hire Crewe company and one that offers fuel efficient vans for hire at very competitive rates. It also offers short and long term rental plans and is contributing to the protection of the environment. it has organised every aspect of its business to ensure that there is minimal carbon footprint and it is also striving to achieve carbon neutrality.

Putting customers first

Go Green is also a van hire Crewecompany that puts its customers first and will do its best to provide rental solutions that address the customer’s core requirements. It also offers out of hours van pickup and drop off and it can also pick up and deliver vans to the customer’s doorstep. The company’s registered office is located at Go Green Car & Van Rental, 10-30 Nantwich Road, Crewe Cheshire CW2 6AD and they can also be contacted on the phone on telephone number 01270 583977.

AddScan Hire Centre Ltd

Addscan Hire Centre Ltd is another good option for those who wish to deal with the best van hire Crewe companies. This van hire Crewe company is there to hire out vans for daily hire and also for longer term hire and will provide you with the right van to suit your requirements. This company is proud to provide excellent and friendly as well as helpful customer service and will go the extra mile to help you select the right van for your need.

It is ready to hire out a Peugeot Partner for 43 GBP per day and for two days, the rental costs are 86 pounds while for three days the charges are 127.50 GBP. For four days hire, you will be charged 150 GBP and for five days, the rental charges are 172.50 GBP. For six days, the company charges 185 GBP and for weekly hire the charges amount to 195 GBP. Weekend hire costs are 98 GBP.

If you are looking to hire an Iveco Daily long wheel base van, then this van hire Crewecompany is going to ask you to pay 64 GBP per day for single day hire and 126 GBP for two days hire. The rates for three days are 172 GBP and for four days they charge 210 GBP. For five days hire, the company charges 248 GBP and for six days the charges are 274 GBP while for weekly hire the rates charged are 288 GBP. Weekend hire rates are 130 GBP.

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