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Van Hire Uxbridge

Van Hire Uxbridge

Van Hire – WVC Vehicle Solutions Ltd

WVC Vehicle Solutions Ltd is one of the better options available to those who wish to hire a van in Uxbridge. This is a van hire Uxbridge company has a fleet of vans of various sizes and it is virtually a certainty that it can supply you with the perfect van for any need. It offers vans such as:

  • Caddy and Ford Connect
  • Short wheel base vans
  • Medium wheel base vans
  • Four metre long panel vans
  • Luton vans with tail lifts
  • 7.5 ton tail lift lorries
  • Short, medium and long wheel base fridge vans

Part of Wheels Group of companies

This is also a van hire Uxbridgecompany that is part of the Wheels Group of companies and it has been doing business since the early nineties and has the objective of providing each customer with top class service and the best vans at very decent rates. This is also a van hire Uxbridgecompany that has grown considerably in the years that it has been providing vans and vehicles for rent and is today a leading van and vehicle hire company in not just London but also in the rest of the United Kingdom. This van hire Uxbridgecompany has depots in UB9 and UB10 as well as UB11 and offers various vans and truck hire services.


If you are looking to deal with a reliable van hire Uxbridgecompany then it is important that you take a closer look at one that is called JafVans. This is a van hire Uxbridgecompany that was established in the year 1959 and it has offices in the best locations of the western parts of London including Ruislip and Pinner as well as Harrow and its depots are also not far from London’s Heathrow Airport.

This van hire Uxbridgecompany offers diverse types of vans for rent at prices that are very attractive and it also offers a wonderful selection of vans to choose from. If you need to rent out a small van then you can get one such as the Peugeot Bipper or Citroen Berlingo which are available for rent of 41 GBP per day. The same vans are also available for rent on a weekly basis and the cost in such a case is 178.99 GBP.

This same van hire Uxbridgecompany also rents out short wheel base vans, long wheel base vans and jumbo vans. The cost of hiring a short wheel base Transit or similar van is 49 GBP per day and for weekend hire of this kind of van the company charges 99 GBP for two days of the weekend. You can also hire Luton Vans with tail lift for a daily rental price of just 86 GBP.

JafVans is a van hire Uxbridgecompany that has offices in Harrow, Pinner and Ruislip and it is up to you to contact the office that is most conveniently situated. You can also contact them on the telephone and in addition you can also get in touch with them via their email addresses.

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