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Van Hire Basingstoke

Van Hire Basingstoke

Bob Douglass Self Drive Hire could be the perfect van hire Basingstokecompany for all your needs. This company has its offices at Daneshill Estate and has been operating since it was founded in 1972. The company aims to provide customers with the best van hire solutions in the entire Basingstoke area. Their primary aim is to offer the best self drive van hire services.

Van Hire –Bob Douglass Self Drive Hire

Bob Douglass Self Drive Hire is a van hire Basingstokecompany that offers each customer the very best and most competitive prices for all kinds of van hire services. In addition, the company boasts of having a fleet of vans of different sizes to suit individual needs. Whether you need something small like a 500 kilogram payload Citroen Berlingo or even if you need something much larger such as an Iveco Box van with tail lift that can carry as much as 3500 kilogram payloads, this van hire Basingstokecompany has the perfect solution for all your needs.

Many benefits

When you deal with a van hire Basingstokecompany such as Bob Douglass Self Drive Hire you are getting van hire that includes unlimited mileage and in addition you benefit from their no deposit rates which are inclusive of VAT as well as Insurance and it also means getting RAC cover and personalised attention.

Daily hire rates

The Citroen Berlingo is available for hire and it can carry a maximum payload of 500 kilograms. The cost of daily hire for this van amounts to 35 pounds while for three days, this van hire Basingstoke company charges 90 pounds. For more than three days hire, the company will charge you at the rate of thirty pounds per day while for the weekends; its rates are 60 pounds.

SWB Ford Transit 260 D

This van hire Basingstokecompany also rents out the SWB, Ford Transit 260 D which can carry up to 800 kilograms of weight. Single day hire of this van will cost you 55 pounds. For three days hire, you will be asked to pay 145 pounds and for more than three days hire the company charges you forty pounds per day. Weekend charges amount to one hundred pounds.

You may also be interested in hiring the LWB Ford Transit 350D. This particular van is available for hire at the rate of 65 pounds per day. For three days hire, the company will ask you to pay 180 pounds and for hiring period that is more than three days, you will need to pay at the rate of fifty pounds per day. Weekend charges amount to 120 pounds. This particular van can carry a maximum payload of 1500 kilograms.

If you wish to hire a Ford Transit Luton with lift gate, this van hire Basingstokecompany will charge you at the rate of 75 pounds for one day. For three days, you will have to pay 215 pounds and for hiring the van for a period that is in excess of three days, the company will charge you at the rate of 60 pounds per day. For weekend hire, you will have to pay 140 pounds and the maximum payload capacity of this van is an impressive 1300 kilograms.

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