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Van Hire Eastbourne

Van Hire Eastbourne

Choice Vehicle Rentals is one of the first van hire Eastbourne companies that you should think about dealing with if you want to get the best van hire rates and service. The company offers a range of vans for hire including Luton vans and 7.5 tonne Lorries and even Transit vans in multiple sizes to suit your every need.

Van Hire –Choice Vehicle Rentals

If you need to hire a small sized van then this van hire Eastbournecompany will suggest that you take their Peugeot Partner or similar van which is available for hire at 35 GBP per day. This price includes CDW and insurance as well as vat as well as 250 miles per day for a maximum period of four days.

Hire a Ford Transit 260

You may also be interested in the Ford Transit 260 short wheel van with low roof. Choice Vehicle Rentals is there to hire this van to you for a cost of just 38.50 GBP per day and the price includes VAT, insurance and CDW and the van is large enough to seat three people.

Ford Transit Connect

You can also hire a Ford Transit Connect from this van hire Eastbournecompany which will charge you just 38.50 GBP per day. The Ford Transit Long wheel base van is also available for hire at a cost of 43 GBP per day while it would only cost you 48.50 GBP per day to hire a Ford Transit long wheel base van with hi roof. This van can seat three people and is manually operated and the price includes insurance, CDW and VAT.

Choice Vehicle Rentals is a good van hire Eastbourne company for those who wish to hire out a Ford Transit 350 Luton van. The company charges 48.50 GBP per day as rental cost and this van is large enough to accommodate three people and for four days or more hire the company offers unlimited mileage.

You can also hire a Ford Transit 350 Luton extended body van from this van hire Eastbournecompany which will charge 58.50 GBP per day as rental. Similarly, this van hire Eastbournecompany also charges the same amount when you want to hire out a Ford Transit 350 Luton with tail lift. For 89.50 GBP per day you can rent a Car Transporter from this van hire Eastbournecompany and for the same price, this van hire Eastbourne company will also agree to rent out a 7.5 ton lorry with tail lift.

Choice Vehicle Rentals is a van hire Eastbournecompany that understands the importance of providing a customer with the best van and at the best prices. This is why it is ever ready to help the customer find the best van for their needs and in addition the company is also ready to offer the most attractive terms as well as conditions. It has more than two and a half decades of experience in providing vans and other vehicles for hire in this part of the UK. It also serves other areas (besides East Sussex) and has served customers in Kent as well as in Surry.

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