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Van Hire Chorley

Van Hire Chorley

Chorley Van Hire is counted among the most reliable and quick van hire Chorley companies. It is also well known for providing an excellent range of vans for hire that are also very affordable as well. You can for example hire a small van for as little as 25 GBP per day while the cost of hiring a medium van is no more than 30 GBP. If you are interested in hiring a large van, then this van hire Chorley company will only ask you to pay 45 GBP while for a Luton van the company charges a mere 55 GBP.

Van Hire –Chorley Van Hire

In fact, this van hire Chorleycompany has different rates for different kinds of vans. Here is a brief look at what the company charges:
  • Small van
    1 to 2 days hire costs 35 GBP
    3 to 6 days hire costs 30 GBP
    7 days hire costs 25 GBP
    For weekends the company charges:
    1 to 2 days is 45 GBP
    Fridays and Saturdays cost is 45 GBP
    Saturdays and Sundays hire costs 45 GBP

  • Medium Van
    1 to 2 days hire is 40 GBP
    3 to 6 days hire is 35 GBP
    7 days hire is 40 GBP
    For weekends the rates are
    1 to 2 days – 50 GBP
    Fridays and Saturdays = 50 GBP
    Saturdays and Sundays = 50 GBP

  • Large Van
    1 to 2 days hire is 55 GBP
    3 to 6 days hire is 50 GBP
    7 days hire is 45 GBP
For weekends, the rates are
1 to 2 days 65 GBP
Fridays and Saturdays the rates are 65 GBP
Saturday and Sunday hire rates are 65 GBP

A6 Van Rental

A6 Van Rental is a family owned and run van hire Chorleycompany that is located strategically on the AT near Chorley and close to Clayton le Woods. The company aims to offer van hire services in a friendly and professional manner and its rates are also very competitive. Whether an individual needs to hire a van or even if the van is to be hired to a business, this van hire Chorleycompany offers some very attractive deals. It can cover a customer’s every need including for short wheel base Ford Transit connect vans to high top long wheel base Ford Transit vans and everything else in between.

Wide choice of vans for hire

It pays to deal with this van hire Chorleycompany as it offers all kinds of vans for hire to suit every need including to move home and shift office as well as for delivering goods. The offices of this van hire Chorley company are located at 350 Preston Road, Clayton le Woods, Chorley PR6 7JE and you can speak to them on the phone on telephone number 01257 231995.

This van hire Chorleycompany offers all kinds of vans for hire including small diesel vans that are excellent alternatives to cars and ideal for workmen. The company also rents out medium vans like the Transit diesel which is a very popular van. In addition, the company also offers to rent out Luton Box vans and long wheel base vans as well as minibuses.

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