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Van Hire Harrogate

Van Hire Harrogate

Some people need to hire a van for a very low cost. For such people, a van hire Harrogatecompany such as Arrow Self Drive is the perfect answer because it is a well known van hire Harrogate company that rents out vans for a very affordable price. Whether you need to move home or even if you wish to move stock or even if you have some other need, this is the right company for all your needs. It has a wide selection of vans for hire including Transit vans, mini vans and long wheel base vans and much more. Each van is well maintained and they are sure to offer reliable service and will perform perfectly as well.

Van Hire - Arrow Self Drive

Arrow Self Drive is a van hire Harrogate company that has various rental plans to offer to suit different needs. Whether you need to hire a van for half a day or for a month or even longer, this is the right company for all your needs. This van hire Harrogatecompany is famous for providing reliable van hire services, and its rental rates are obviously very affordable and there are hundreds of vans to choose from. Here is a look at what you can expect from this van hire Harrogatecompany:

Small Van rental

If you are looking for small van rental then Arrow Self Drive will offer you the Citroen Berlingo which offers excellent economy. This van is available for daily rental of just 36 GBP and the price quoted includes unlimited mileage as well as complete passenger and vehicle insurance.

Short wheel base van rental

If you wish to hire a short wheel base van then this van hire Harrogatecompany can hire out a VW 102 short wheel base Transporter van that is the latest model and sure to be very efficient and reliable. It is available for a weekly rental of 48 GBP. You can also hire it for a week in which case the cost will be 226.80 GBP.

Arrow Self Drive also rents out long wheel base vans. In this case, this van hire Harrogatecompany is ready to offer a Transit 350 Relay long wheel base van or a Crafter long wheel base van for hire. The daily rental for this van works out to be 63.60 GBP while the weekly rental cost for this van is 304.80 GBP.

The company also offers extra long wheel base vans such as the VW 109 TDI Crafter Van for hire. The daily rental for this van works out to 73.20 GBP while the weekly rate is 349.20 GBP.

To contact this van hire Harrogate company you can visit their office which is located at The Grove, Harrogate North Yorkshire HG1 5NW and you can also speak to their staff on the phone by calling 01423 568861. It certainly will pay to deal with a van hire Harrogate company such as this as it is the largest independent van and vehicle hire company in all of Yorkshire.

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