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Van Hire Grantham

Van Hire Grantham

Northgate Vehicle Hire is a van hire Grantham company that serves people in Grantham and is considered one of the leading van hire Grantham companies. It is also a company that is very capable of providing any kind of van including small to very large ones. To contact them you will need to visit 372-374 Harlaxtaon Road Grantham NG31 7JK or you can also call them on the phone on telephone number 01476 592 600. The office timings are eight in the morning till half past five in the evening from Monday to Friday and on Saturdays from eight in the morning till noon.

Van Hire - Northgate Vehicle Hire

Northgate Vehicle Hire makes hiring a van a very simple task. All you need to do is pick a van that suits your needs and then add your details and then you can securely book your van online after which all that is required is to collect your van. There are several reasons why a person may need to hire a van including to transport goods, move home and even to clear a shed and more. Regardless of the reason for hiring a van, Northgate Vehicle Hire is the one van hire Granthamcompany that can provide solutions to all your needs.

Special requirements

Many a business in the Grantham area has, from time to time, special requirements for their van hires and they will do well to deal with van hire Grantham companies such as Northgate Vehicle Hire which provides an excellent and very flexible hire plan called Norflex. This plan allows a business to add or change and even reduce the number of vans that they wish to hire at any given time.

Northgate Vehicle Hire offers vans for hire at very affordable rates including those that start at just 35 GBP per day. This van hire Granthamcompany offers vans for hire for single day hire as well as for longer hire including monthly hire and longer. In addition, this van hire Grantham company also offers special weekend rates which are applicable from four in the evening on Friday till nine in the morning on the following Monday. This means that you can rent the van for three days (approximately) while only paying rent for two days.

Weekly rates

This van hire Granthamcompany also offers weekly rates with possible discounts of as much as thirty-five percent. So, if you hire a van for a week or more you stand to get thirty-five percent discount on the daily rate. This offer is however only valid when you hire a van for seven continuous days or more.

If you are not sure about what kind of van is right for your needs, do not hesitate in asking for help from this van hire Granthamcompany. The staffs at Northgate Vehicle Hire are knowledgeable and fully capable of suggesting the right van for your needs. If you wish to hire a Luton Van such as a Mercedes Luton or similar van, you will need to pay 70.98 GBP per day. There are separate rates for weekly hire and for weekend and even multiple days hire.

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