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Van Hire Birkenhead

Van Hire Birkenhead

Birkenhead Car & Van Hire is counted among the better van hire Birkenhead companies. This is a company that excels at providing self drive hire and its services are reliable and of a high quality. Birkenhead Car & Van Hire serves the entire English North West and it is also a company that excels at providing the best vans for hire. When it started out, this van hire Birkenheadcompany was a very modest sized enterprise but through hard work and determination it has risen to become a major van hire Birkenhead company.

Van Hire –Birkenhead Car & Van Hire

Birkenhead Car & Van Hire is committed to providing top quality vans for hire and its philosophy in business is to go in for expansion in a measured manner. The company focuses on retaining its customers and would like to earn their goodwill and loyalty. It also strives to ensure that its vans and the service provided to customers are refined to meet their exact needs. The company began operations in 1968 and has from then on built itself up to become a well respected and established van hire Birkenhead business. It offers a range of vans for you to hire including those such as:
  • Ford Connect
  • Ford Transit
  • Ford Transit LWB
  • Dropside Truck
  • Luton Box Van
  • Luton Box Van with tail lift

Various hire services

This is also a van hire Birkenheadcompany that offers various hire services to suit the customer’s needs. There is for example, hourly hire that is available to those who wish to rent a van for at least four hours. The company also offers daily hire which in turn lasts from the time that the customer picks up the van till 8:30 on the following morning. Daily hire is available throughout the week which means that customers can collect their van at anytime from half past eight in the morning till seven in the evening and from Monday to Friday. They can also avail of daily hire between eight in the morning till one in the afternoon on Saturdays and Sundays. However, rates for daily hire vary depending on the type of van you wish to hire.

Contract hire services

Birkenhead Car & Van Hire also provides contract hire services. This is a perfect solution for those companies that would like to simply concentrate on their main business activities and who also do not want to take on any financial risk or incur administrative costs of owning a fleet of vehicles.

This is an option that will suit those who need the following:
  • Fixed rental for an entire package
  • Flexibility of terms to meet individual requirements
  • Save on maintenance costs of vehicle
  • Eliminate costs of depreciation
  • Flexibility in invoicing arrangements
Birkenhead Car and Van Hire have its office at 238/240 Conway Street, Birkenhead, Merseyside, CH414AQ. You can also contact them by phone on 0151 666 1066. The company’s office hours are eight in the morning till seven in the evening on Mondays to Friday. On Saturdays and Sundays, the office remains open between eight in the morning and one in the afternoon and on Bank Holidays the office will remain open between eight in the morning and one in the afternoon.

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