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Van Hire Loughton

Van Hire Loughton

For specialist van hire Loughton services, it is in your best interests to search for the best company. Fair Rent is one such company that specialises in renting of all kinds of vans. This van hire Loughton company remains open for business on all seven days of the week and it also offers ten percent discounts to police, NHS, Fire Service, UK Armed Forces and Civil Servants.

Van Hire -Fair Rent

Fair Rent is an excellent van hire Loughtoncompany that offers special deals such as short weekends in which you get to hire a van for three days at the price of two days. There is also the long weekend rates in which you get to hire a van for four days but you only need to pay for three days. In addition, this van hire Loughtoncompany also offers one day hires at the weekend.

Midweek specials

Fair Rent is a van hire Loughtoncompany that also offers midweek specials such as hiring a vehicle for two or more days and getting an extra day free of cost. This offer however is only valid between 10 in the morning on Mondays and four in the evenings up to Friday. Half day rates are also available as too are long term deals in which for two weeks hire you can get ten percent discount and for three weeks hire this van hire Loughtoncompany offers a fifteen percent discount. Here is a brief look at the different vans and their rental costs:

Hire a Peugeot B ipper

Peugeot Bipper vans are available for a rental of 39 GBP per day, 78 GBP for two days and 99 GBP for three days. For four days hire, the company charges 129 GBP and for five days the rental cost is 149 GBP. For six days hire the rental charged is 159 GBP while weekly hire rate is 159 GBP.

For the Ford Transit short wheel base van this van hire Loughtoncompany charges 59 GBP for daily hire and 118 GBP for two days hire. For three days hire, the charges are 149 GBP while for four days hire the rental charged is 179 GBP. For five days rental the charges are 199 GBP and for six days the rental is 219 GBP while weekly rental rate is 239 GBP.

This van hire Loughtoncompany also rents out the Luton van with tail lift for a daily rental cost of 99 GBP. For two days, the rental is double that and for three days the rental works out to 249 GBP. For four days hire, the company charges 289 GBP while for five days the rental is 319 GBP. For six days, the rental charged is 349 GBP and weekly rental cost is 369 GBP. Except for the Luton and VW Crafter High top vans, the company also asks customers to pay a deposit amount of 250 GBP. For the Luton and VW Crafter, the deposit is 350 GBP.

For more information, you can visit their branch offices at either Enfield or London. The Enfield branch is located at 16-34 Parsonage Lane, Enfield EN2 0AG and their telephone number is 020 8559 3658 and the London branch is located at 3 Lea Valley Road, Chingford, London E4 7PX and their telephone number is 020 8524 0011.

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