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Van Hire Rotherham

Van Hire Rotherham

HirePower is one of the better van hire Rotherham companies that can provide you with the right van for your every need. With this van hire Rotherhamcompany you have the option of hiring a van for one day and also for an entire year. It also offers vans with tail lifts and tow-bars as well as offers Luton vans and is the right van hire Rotherhamcompany for those who want to move house.

Van Hire - HirePower

HirePower is a van hire Rotherhamcompany that offers the short wheel base van for 39 GBP per day plus VAT and offers the same van for weekend hire at 75 GBP plus VAT. It also offers this van for weekly hire at the rate of 135 GBP plus VAT. On the other hand, if you are looking for a long wheel base van or a high roof van then you can hire one from HirePower at 49 GBP per day plus VAT and for weekend hire the rate charges is 85 GBP plus VAT. The weekly rental charge for such vans is 150 GBP plus VAT.

This van hire Rotherhamcompany also rents out Luton vans with tail lifts for 69 GBP per day plus VAT and the weekend hire rate is 99 GBP plus VAT. The weekly rental charged for a Luton van with tail lift is 199 GBP plus VAT.

Contact information

If you want to book a van or if you need some information regarding this van hire Rotherham company and its rental plans, be sure to get in touch with them at 30-46 Greasborough Road, Parkgate, Rotherham S62 6HN or call them on the phone by dialling 0800 1182437 or 1709 522227.

Buzz Van Hire

Buzz Van Hire is a van hire Rotherhamcompany that in spite of being family owned provides excellent quality service. This van hire Rotherhamcompany has in fact been serving customers in Rotherham for the past twenty –seven years and is a specialist van and truck rental company that offers excellent vans for hire. This van hire Rotherhamcompany also specialises in providing many different kinds of vans for all kinds of purposes including to move home and to simply bring home a new bed that you have purchased at a department store in the town.

Buzz Van Hire offers a range of vans for hire including, box vans, tippers, pickups, Luton vans, and more. It also offers to rent out these vans for daily and weekly as well as monthly hire and it also offers long term hire. It also keeps its rates at a very competitive level and offers collection and delivery services.

For further enquiries and to know more about this van hire Rotherham company it is suggested that you visit their office which is located at High Street, Rotherham S62 6LN and you can call them on their primary phone number which is 01709 524600 and their secondary phone number is 01709 914429. This van hire Rotherhamcompany has built its reputation and has earned the respect of its customers that provide it with repeat business.

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