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Van Hire Bury

Van Hire Bury

Bury Car Van & Truck Hire is one of the better van hire Bury companies. It is also among the largest companies that offer the best vans for hire in the North western regions of England. The company has an extensive range of vans for hire and the rates charged are also very competitive. This van hire Burycompany takes pride in the fact that its business is being driven forward by its customers which in turn means that this company will do everything in its power to ensure that its vans are of the highest quality and are extremely reliable as well.

Van Hire –Bury Car Van & Truck Hire

When you hire a van from this van hire Burycompany you are assured that it will perform reliably and it will be covered by a twenty-four hour emergency cover. In addition, this van hire Burycompany also customises solutions to ensure that their vans will suit your exact requirements. Here is a look at the kinds of vans that you will get to hire from this van hire Bury:
  • Ford Transit Connect
  • Transit 208
  • Mercedes/Ford Transit pickup
  • Mercedes/Ford Transit Luton Van
  • Mercedes 308 Panel Van
  • Mercedes/Ford Luton with tail lift
  • Mercedes/Ford Jumbo/Renault Master extra long wheel base panel van
  • Mercedes/Ford Minibus 12 and 13 seats

Reasonable rental rates

The rentals charged by this van hire Bury are very reasonable. For example, to hire the Ford Transit Connect you will need to pay 85 pounds for weekend hire and 35 pounds for daily hire. For two days hire, the charges are 60 pounds while for three days the company charges 85 pounds. For four days, you will need to pay 115 pounds and for between five and seven days the rates are 125 pounds.

These prices include insurance but do not include VAT and the prices can be changed at any time and without notice. The charges for a Transit 208 work out as follows:
  • 1 day = 45 pounds
  • 2 days = 80 pounds
  • 3 days = 114 pounds
  • 4 days = 152 pounds
  • 5-7 days = 198 pounds
These prices include insurance but not VAT and the prices can change at any time and without notice.

Hire Mercedes/Ford Transit pickup

If you would like to rent out a Mercedes/Ford Transit pickup the rentals work out as follows:
  • 1 day = 55 pounds
  • 2 days = 92 pounds
  • 3 days = 138 pounds
  • 4 days = 184 pounds
  • 5-7 days = 230 pounds
  • Weekend prices are 98 pounds
To hire a Mercedes/Ford Transit Luton van you will need to pay the following charges:
  • Weekend price is 99 pounds
  • 1 day rent is 55 pounds
  • 2 days rent is 92 pounds
  • 3 days rent 9s 138 pounds
  • 4 days rent is 184 pounds
  • Between five and seven days the rent is 230 pounds
If you would like to get in touch with this van hire Burycompany their address is Bury Van Hire Ltd, Limefield House, Limefield Brow, Bury, BL9 6QS. You can also call them on 0161 764 9660/797 – 6217.

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