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Van Hire Farnborough

Van Hire Farnborough

There are certainly many options available to those who are looking for the best van hire Farnborough companies but Badshot Lea Self Drive is a van hire Farnboroughcompany that is worth taking a second look at. If you live in Farnborough and you are in need of a van on hire then this is the right company for all your needs. In fact, this van hire Farnboroughcompany is well known for providing very attractive rates and it also does not charge weekend premiums and also throws in a free overnight in its weekend rental rates.

Van Hire -Badshot Lea Self Drive

Badshot Lea Self Drive is also a van hire Farnboroughcompany that offers some wonderful deals for long term hire as well as for contract hire. Whether you need to hire a fleet of vans or just a single van in Farnborough and its neighbouring areas, this is the right company for you. This van hire Farnboroughcompany provides very low rates and delivers the van to your doorstep.

Hire a small van

If you need a small van on hire, then you should think about hiring it from this van hire Farnboroughcompany. Its rates for a small van are as follows:
  • One to four days rate with VAT is 33 GBP and without VAT it is 27.50
  • For five days rent, the company charges 135 with VAT and 112.50 without VAT
  • For six to seven days the rate is 135 GBP with VAT and 112.50 GBP without VAT
  • Weekend deals start at 66 GBP with VAT and 55 GBP without VAT
  • For a business week rental you pay 110 GBP with VAT and 91.67 GBP without VAT
In addition, the company charges eight pounds per day as CDW and allows you 100 miles daily mileage allowance. For each extra mile the company charges you seven pence plus VAT. In addition, you will need to make a deposit of 250 GBP.

Short wheel base vans for hire

This van hire Farnboroughcompany also offers short wheel base vans on rent for rates that look like this:

One to four days 43 GBP with VAT and 35.83 GBP without VAT
Five days rent is 193 GBP with VAT and 160 GBP without VAT
Six or seven days hire is 204 GBP with VAT and 170 GBP without VAT
Weekend deals are available at 86 GBP with VAT and 71.67 GBP without VAT
Business week rental is 163 GBP with VAT and 135.83 GBP without VAT

CDW costs eight pounds a day and you get 100 miles daily mileage allowance and seven pence will be charged for each extra mile. A deposit of 250 GBP is required as well.

You can also hire other vans from this van hire Farnborough company including medium sized vans, long wheel base transits, tipper 3.5 tonne GVW and Luton vans with tail lift. When you deal with a van hire Farnboroughcompany like Badshot Lea Self Drive you are assured of quality van rentals at very affordable prices.

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