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Van Hire Redditch

Van Hire Redditch

Located in Redditch, Studley Motors Van Hire is a van hire Redditchcompany that services Redditch and Birmingham, Alcester and Stratford-upon-Avon. This is an independent van hire Redditchcompany that offers a comprehensive range of vans and vehicles for hire for business and individual customers. With so many different kinds of vans for hire, this van hire Redditchcompany is sure to have one to suit your every need.

Van Hire - Studley Motors Van Hire

When you deal with van hire Redditch, you can rest assured that you will be able to drive a van within your budget as this company offers some very competitive rates. Studley Motors Hire offers to rent out vans in Birmingham, Alcester, Redditch and Stratford-upon-Avon and it also provides pickup and delivery services on request.

Serves customers with courtesy

This is also a van hire Redditchcompany that serves its customers with courtesy and friendliness and yet maintains a very professional attitude. It also offers many different self drive vans for hire including panel vans such as the standard van which is available for a daily rental of 30 GBP and for three days hire the company charges 80 GBP. The weekly rental price for this van is 150 GBP and for 60 GBP you can hire a standard van for the weekend.

Hire high top vans

Studley Motors Van Hire also offers to rent out the high top van for a daily rental cost of 50 GBP. The rates for three days hire are 120 GBP while the weekly rental price is 250 GBP and for 90 GBP you can hire this van for the weekend. This van is very functional and will help you to complete your job in a simple and smooth manner and it is also the perfect van for driving about town.

Selection of Vauxhall and Ford vans

This van hire Redditchcompany has a selection of Vauxhall and Ford vans for hire including the standard and high top varieties. Before booking your van from this van hire Redditchcompany, it is important that you know when you want to hire the van and you also need to be sure about how long you wish to hire the van for. You also need to have your driving license which has to be shown to the company at the time of hiring the van.

You will also be asked to make a hundred pound returnable damage deposit and this deposit must be paid in cash. You should also have enough cash on hand to make all the other kinds of payments. Your driving license must not show any drink driving offences and there should also not have more than three points on it.

To get in touch with this van hire Redditchcompany you can either pay a visit to their office in Studley or you can call them on the phone. The postal address of the company is Studley Motors Van Hire, Spernal Ash Garage, Alcester Road, Studley BB0 7PA UK and their telephone number is 01527 854780. This is certainly the cheapest van hire Redditch company that offers a variety of Transit vans for hire in Redditch, Birmingham and in Alcester as well as in Statford-upon-Avon.

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