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Van Hire Hackney

Van Hire Hackney

Barnes Van Hire could be the right van hire Hackneycompany for all your van hire requirements. This is in fact a van hire Hackney company that has a huge fleet of vans for hire including everything from a small van such as the Citroen Berlingo to the larger Luton box vans (with or without tail lifts). Another reason to deal with this van hire Hackney is that they offer good quality vans for hire at very low prices. In addition, the quality of customer service is also very good.

Van Hire - Barnes Van Hire

Barnes Van Hire offers low rates that include complete insurance and there is also a van hiring information page that customers can use to find out which the correct van is for your exact requirements. This helps in reducing rental costs considerably. Even better, the low prices are exactly what you think they are – which is that they are low and do not include any hidden costs. There are plenty of van hire companies that show their customers low van rates but then hit them with hidden costs or tell them that they do not have the van that you need.

Trust this company

It therefore pays to trust in a van hire Hackneycompany such as Barnes Van Hire which offers reliable service at rates that you can afford. They can provide you with Berlingo or other car derived vans that are perfect for moving items that will not fit into a car. In addition, they also have Transit short wheel base vans for hire that you can use when you need to move furniture such as settees and chairs.

Long wheel base Transit vans for hire

That’s not all, because this van hire Hackneycompany also offers long wheel base Transit vans for hire. These vans are perfect for moving large items including items such as refrigerators and freezers. In order to move all the items in a flat or house, you will need an especially large van. Here again, Barnes Van Hire offers you the perfect solution in the form of a Luton Transit that is perfect for such needs. This van hire Hackneycompany will also offer to rent out Transit Luton vans with tail lifts which will help to make short work of loading and unloading domestic appliances.

Barnes Van Hire is also the right van hire Hackneycompany for the hire of a 7.5 ton truck that can carry one thousand kilograms. This van is large enough to move the entire contents of a small three bedroom house.

Barnes Van Hire charges very reasonably for its different van rentals. For example, it only charges 42 GBP daily for the hire of a Citroen Berlingo or similar van. The cost of hiring a short wheel base Medium Ford Transit van is just 54 GBP per day while the cost of hiring a long wheel base high top van is just 64 GBP per day. This van hire Hackney company also will only charge the customer just 76 GBP per day for a Luton van which can carry 980 kilograms payload. For a Luton with tail lift, this van hire Hackneycompany will charge you 83 GBP per day and for a 7.5 ton truck the rental is 115 GBP per day.

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