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Van Hire Huddersfield

Van Hire Huddersfield

Are you looking for a van hire Huddersfieldcompany that is ready to serve you on all seven days of the week and which has an excellent fleet of vans to suit all your needs? If so, then Shire Link, a family run van hire Huddersfield company fits the bill admirably well. This is also a van hire Huddersfieldcompany that has been serving customers for over two decades and from being a small two vehicle company it has grown to become a much bigger company that offers a variety of vehicles (including vans) for hire.

Van Hire - Shire Link

Shire Link is a van hire Huddersfield company that owns a fleet of vehicles that include the Ford Connect, short wheel base Ford Transit, semi high roof short wheel base Ford Transit, semi high roof long wheel base Ford Transit and Luton vans. What’s more, the company also ensures that all of its vans and other vehicles are well maintained and in excellent condition – both on the inside and outside – and this van hire Huddersfieldcompany also offers twenty-four hour breakdown service as well.

Luton van with tail lift

If you need to hire a Luton van with tail lift, you can get one from this van hire Huddersfield company which charges 75 GBP on week days (without VAT) and 90.11 GBP with VAT. This rate applies for single day hire on Saturdays and Sundays. The same van is also available for rent on a weekly basis at a rate of 350 GBP and on weekends the rate charged by this van hire Huddersfieldcompany is 166.67 GBP. The daily rates without insurance works out to 57 GBP per day and 250 GBP per week.

Fiat Diablo

Shire Link also offers to rent out smaller vans such as the Fiat Diablo which is available for daily hire on weekdays at a rate of 32.50 GBP excluding VAT and for 40 GBP per day with VAT. The weekly rate comes to 138.33 GBP while the weekend rate is 70.42 GBP. The price without insurance for daily hire is 25 GBP and for weekly hire the rate is 120 GBP.

The short wheel base van is another van that is often required for rent. This particular van is available for rent from this van hire Huddersfieldcompany that is going to charge you just 39.17 GBP per day for hire on week days. This price does not include VAT. With VAT the price is 46.81 GBP for single day hire and the weekly rental cost is 175 GBP while the weekend rate is 87.50 GBP. If you exclude insurance from the rate then the daily rental cost becomes 30 GBP while the weekly rent will be 140 GBP.

If you are interested in hiring a van from this van hire Huddersfieldcompany then you can get in touch with them by visiting their office at the following address:

Shire Link Ltd
Halifax Road
West Yorkshire

You can also call them on the phone on telephone number 01484 427701. The office timings are 8:30 to 5:30 on Mondays till Friday. On Saturday, the office is open between eight in the morning and ten thirty in the morning. On Sunday, the office is open between 8:30 to 10:00.

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