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Van Hire Cardiff

Van Hire Cardiff

123 Van Hire is a premier van hire Cardiffcompany. It is a company that operates on seven days a week and its office timings are eight in the morning till six in the evening between Monday and Friday. On Saturdays, this van hire Cardiffcompany is open for business from nine in the morning till noon and on Sundays from 9 in the morning till 10:30 in the morning.

Van Hire –123 Van Hire

With the financial markets experiencing considerable turmoil these days, not many people or businesses are keen on committing to long term investments in vans which is why it pays to deal with a van hire Cardiff company such as 123 Van Hire. This is a company whose contract hires are very flexible and it also provides you with the right kind of van to suit your needs. It offers a host of van types for hire including:
  • Small vans of Caddy size
  • Short wheel base or transit size vans
  • Medium wheel base or relay size vans
  • Long wheel base or master size vans
  • Extra long wheel base vans
  • Luton vans with tail lifts

Small van tariffs

The tariff for small van hire is 25 GBP for mid-week daily hire and 39 GBP for weekend daily hire. For weekly hire of a small van you will need to pay 129 pounds while the rates for hiring a small van for 28 days work out to 369 pounds. Weekend hire rates for a small van are 69 GBP.

Short wheel base or Transit size van rates

To hire a short wheel base or Transit size van you will need to pay 39 pounds for mid-week daily hire and 49 GBP for weekend daily hire. The rates for weekly hire are 189 ponds and for 28 days hire you will be asked to pay 529 pounds. For weekends, you will need to pay 89 GBP.

The rates for medium wheel base van hire are:
  • Mid-week daily hire – 45 GBP
  • Weekend daily hire – 55 GBP
  • Weekly hire – 199 GBP
  • 28 days hire – 599 GBP
  • Weekend hire – 99 GBP
The rates for long wheel base van hire work out as follows:
  • Mid-week daily hire – 49 GBP
  • Weekend daily hire – 59 GBP
  • Weekly hire – 219 GBP
  • 28 days hire – 669 GBP
  • Weekend hire – 109 GBP
There are different rates for hiring an extra long wheel base van. These are as follows:
  • Mid-week daily hire – 55 GBP
  • Weekend daily hire – 64 GBP
  • Weekly hire – 269 GBP
  • 28 days hire – 699 GBP
  • Weekend hire – 125 GBP
Finally, to hire a Luton van with tail lift, you will need to pay:
  • Mid-week daily hire – 69 GBP
  • Weekend daily hire – 69 GBP
  • Weekly hire – 349 GBP
  • 28 days hire – 739 GBP
  • Weekend hire – 139 GBP
To contact this van hire Cardiff company you will need to visit their office whose address is Unit 7, Glan-y-LlynInd Estate, Cardiff Road, Taffs Well, Cardiff, South Glamorgan, CF15 7JD.

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