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Van Hire Harrow

Van Hire Harrow

If you need to hire a van in Harrow then the right van hire Harrowcompany for you would be one called Jafvans. This is a van hire Harrowcompany that offers local and friendly service. With more than half a decades of experience in the vehicle hire business, Jafvans is certainly the best option for those who live in the West of London in places such as Ruislip, Pinner and of course Harrow.

Van Hire - Jafvans

Jafvans is a van hire Harrowcompany that hires out excellent vans at very competitive rates. This is also a local van hire company that has a wide selection of vans for hire. For those who are in need of small vans, this van hire Harrowcompany offers the Citroen Berlingo for a daily rental of 41 GBP. However, customers will also need to make a deposit of two hundred pounds. The breakup of this daily rental is daily hire is 34.17 GBP plus 6.83 GBP VBAT which gives you a round figure of 41 GBP.

Rates include VAT and insurance

The rates charged by this van hire Harrowcompany include VAT and insurance for a single driver and you also get 100 miles daily allowance and unlimited mileage for weekly hire. You may also need to hire a Ford Transit short wheel base van for which this company has a good option in the form of a 2.0 litre diesel van which can bear loads of 700 kilograms. The daily rental for this van is 49 GBP of which 40.83 GBP goes to the rent and 8.17 GBP is the VAT amount. In addition, you must also make a deposit of 250 GBP.

Ford Transit long wheel base van

If you wish to hire a Ford Transit long wheel base van you will need to pay 64 GBP as daily rental. Of this amount, 53.33 GBP is the daily rental and 10.67 GBP is the VAT amount. In addition, customers will be asked to make a 300 GBP deposit as well. You can also hire a Ford Transit Tipper from this van hire Harrowcompany which will charge you just 68 GBP rent. Of this amount, the daily rent is 56.67 GBP and the remaining 11.33 GBP is the VAT amount. Customers will also be asked to pay 300 GBP as deposit.

The interesting thing about hiring a van from this van hire Harrowcompany is that if you can show the company that you are getting a better deal from another company then Jafvans will make sure that they can match and also beat that quote.

If you are in Harrow and you are looking for a good van hire Harrow company then you will soon realise that Jafvans are the best option. You can visit their Harrow Office at the following address:
J.A. Fisher Cars Ltd. T/A Jafvans
400 Northolt Road
South Harrow
HA2 8EX.

You can also get in touch with them on the phone by calling 020 88642650. Without a doubt, this is one of the best van hire Harrow companies and that will certainly satisfy your every need.

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