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Van Hire North East

Van Hire North East

If you need to deal with a van hire North Eastcompany it is important that you look for one that has been around for a long time. AM Hire is one such van hire North East company that has been around since the year 1984 and though it began operations as a car repair and recovery service it is today a well known van hire service. in fact, the company began hiring out vans in 1996 and in 2000 it shifted operations from Newcastle Airport Industrial Estate to Kenton Bank Foot.

Van Hire -AM Hire

AM Hire has more than four hundred vehicles including vans in its fleet. It also has a branch in Gateshead and from this branch this van hire North East company rents out vans and vehicles to different parts of South Tyneside. Recently, this van hire North Eastcompany opened a branch in Pennywell and this branch is located right across from Sunderland Echo and just off the A19. From this branch, AM Hire serves customers in Wearside.

Friendly service

When you deal with a van hire North Eastcompany such as AM Hire you will be struck by the friendly service and you will never be subjected to hard sell tactics. This is why so many customers return to do business with a van hire North Eastcompany such as AM Hire. The company itself is small and independent but it certainly has a very large heart.

Best van hire services

If you are looking for the best van hire North East services, you should certainly take a closer look at what AM Hire has to offer. It provides different vans for hire including thee Ford Connect short wheel base van for a daily rental of 40 GBP. On the other hand, you can also hire a Ford Connect long wheel base van for just 46 GBP per day while the rent charged for hiring a Ford Transit short wheel base van is just 50 GBP per day.

AM Hire also offers to rent out vans such as the Ford Transit long wheel base van. The daily rental charged for such a van is 60 GBP while the rental for hire period of between three and six days is 50 GBP per day. If you hire this van for a week then the company charges 45 GBP per day and for half-day hire the rate is 40 GBP.

Some people need to hire larger vans such as the Ford Transit Jumbo Extra long wheel base van. AM Hire will offer this kind of van for rent at a daily rate of 70 GBP. This rate applies for van hire of one to two days. For rental period of between three and six days, the company charges 60 GBP per day while for weekly hire or longer, the company charges just 54 GBP per day. Half day rental cost is just 45 GBP.

If you are interested in dealing with this van hire North Eastcompany then you can get in touch with them at their different branches in the North East. For example, the Newcastle branch is located at 4 Brunton Road, Kenton Bank Foot, NE 13 8AF while the Gateshead branch is located at 141 Lobley Hill Road, Bensham NE8 4XB.

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