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7.5 Tonne Van Hire

7.5 Tonne Van Hire

Vans are available for hire in many sizes and styles and there is likely to be a van designed to suit anybody’s requirements. Tasks such as moving home are not suited for smaller vans and the use of a larger van will often be needed; there are many different vans available that are suited to home removals. The LWB Ford Transit or Mercedes Sprinter and the Luton van are popular choices. The LWB and Luton vans are perfectly suited to small house moves but sometimes a larger van is needed; this is where the 7.5 tonne van excels.

The space and payload that 7.5 tonne van hire offers is better than any other van on the market and it excellently combines the space of a larger truck with the driving ability of a van.

7.5 tonne specifications

The main benefit of 7.5 tonne van hire is the space that van has - the load width and depth is the reason that many people choose to hire the 7.5 ton van over other alternatives. There is generally an internal length of approximately 6.0 metres and a width of 2.2 metres; the height that the van offers is also beneficial for transporting large goods such as wardrobes and beds. The overall maximum payload of the van is 2900kg which is more than enough weight allowance for most household furniture.

The 7.5 tonne van will come with a diesel engine that is likely to produce between 12 and 18 miles per gallon. Any vehicle that weighs over 3.5T is now subject to speed restrictions which will limit the van to 56 mph.

Licence requirements for driving a 7.5 tonne van

Unlike smaller vans, driving a 7.5 tonne van hire vehicle will require special licence requirements. Any van up to a 7.5 tonne van can be driven on a UK category B driving licence, to drive a 7.5 tonne van you will be required to have a category C1 license. Anyone that has passed the UK driving test before 01/01/1997 will automatically have the C1 on their license, anyone that has passed the test after this date will need to have passed the test for driving heavy goods vehicles and gained the category C1.

Some companies offer 7.5 tonne van hire with driver, this is a good option for anyone that does not have the category C1 licence and can also benefit anyone who is inexperienced or nervous about handling a large vehicle.

7.5 tonne van hire with tail lift

Many van hire suppliers are able to offer a 7.5 tonne van with a tail lift, the tail lift is an ideal extra for anyone moving large furniture. A tail lift is a hydraulic lift that is at the rear of the vehicle and helps in loading heavy and awkward objects that are tough to lift, from the floor into the vehicle. A tail lift is generally found on the box version of the 7.5 tonne van and may require an extra hire charge.

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