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Camping Van Hire

Camping Van Hire

The UK has some of the greatest scenery, landscapes and attractions in the world and attracts millions of tourists each year and from all corners of the globe. Many people from both the UK and further afield are looking for an alternative to the traditional methods of hotel stay and camping. Van hire, more specifically camper van hire can offer the freedom to travel how you choose and in your own time. Traditional methods of camping rely a lot on the weather and can often have restrictions as to where you can travel, a camper van can allow you to travel from one corner of the UK to the other and even into Europe. Camper van hire is also increasing in popularity with festival goers who are looking to get away from the messiness of camping. Van hire can be found in most parts of the UK and there are hundreds of suppliers offering various kinds of camper van.

Types of camper

There are various types of camper van available in the UK and the majority are supplied by Volkswagen. VW have a long history of providing camper vans and they are seen as the market leader in camper vans for both quality and reliability.

There are many suppliers in the UK that specialise in offering classic Type 2 VW Camper’s; these are popular for any kind of occasions from weddings to camping. Van hire suppliers of the Type 2 VW’s will supply a camper van that has been refurbished to combine, up to date and modern features with the look and feel of the vintage vehicle. The most stocked VW Campers are the 1960’s split-screen models and the 1970’s bay window models, both of these vehicles will feature:
  • Right hand drive
  • Beds
  • Seating
  • Hob
  • Worktop lighting
  • Sink
The Type 2 VW Camper van is the perfect choice of vehicle for couples of families and there are vans available to sleep two, four, five or six people. Many Types two have also been brought up to the standards of modern Volkswagen Campers and can include TV and DVD and CD players.

The other popular camper van on the market is the Type 5 VW Camper van, this will include off all the features needed to enjoy the perfect alternative to tent camping. Van hire and motorhome suppliers that stock the modern VW Type 5 will usually do so alongside other modern camper vans such as the Mercedes Vito. The Type 5 is a larger vehicle than the Type 2 and often has extra storage space.

Booking camper van hire

Booking a camper van is best done as far in advance as possible as they are extremely popular especially in summer months when many people travel to festivals and go camping. Van hire suppliers will often have special deals and reduced prices on quieter months in the spring and autumn. Booking camper van can be done to include all of the extras needed, including:
  • Power leads and hook up
  • Water supply
  • Bedding
  • Cooking equipment and cutlery

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