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Splitter Van Hire

A splitter van is a hybrid van as it's not quite mini-bus, nor is it entirely a transport vehicle. This rather strange invention is actually a highly useful tool when both a cargo of passengers and also goods must be transported. Its name comes from the fact that a splitter van 'split' into half mini-bus, half van.

The great thing about a Splitter van is that it provides adequate space for passengers with luxury features such as games consoles and televisions while ensuring there's enough room in the back to store everything but the kitchen sink. As a result, splitter van hire is becoming more and more popular because it's the ultimate hybrid mini-bus / van.

Splitter van hire is being used across the country to help move people and goods almost anywhere. From transporting bands and their equipment to families and their baggage, a splitter van ensures that the passengers are comfortable, and the goods are secure. As a result, splitter van hire is becoming more and more popular due in no small fact to the flexibility it brings.

Typically, splitter van hire is only available from a select few companies that specialize in providing transportation services. These companies typically offer splitter van hire from around 100 and while it may seem expensive, a splitter van gives you the ability to transport around 7 people as well as all their luggage and cargo. From airport runs to band nights, splitter vans are becoming more and more popular every day.

When it comes to splitter van hire, more and more companies are starting to appear. It's no longer a niche market, but it's becoming mainstream thanks to the fact that it provides a great deal of flexibility, transforming what once was nothing more than a simple panel van into something that's uniquely valuable.

Perhaps calling it the ultimate panel van conversion may be more accurate, because many splitter van hire conversions are fully carpeted and you'd never know that they were once an extra long wheelbase industrial vehicle. Many of the vehicles have all the trimmings with leather seats, tables, PlayStation's and some vans even have Wi-Fi!

This brings many to conclude that splitter van hire is the easiest way to travel the UK in style. While it's certainly not quite the huge tour bus that many celebrities demand, for those yet to reach stardom, it's an effective and comfortable way to go from A to B, no matter how long.

Splitter Van Hire is typically is available nationwide however one may have to travel afield in order to find a vehicle which suits. Usually the types of van available are the likes of converted Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit and Volkswagen Transporters to name but a few. As mentioned previously, costs vary but one can usually expect to pay around 100 per day plus more for extras.

Splitter vans are a great idea which no one has heard of! With splitter van hire, you can transport everything and everyone you need in one go. There's no better way to get everyone where they need to go with comfort and ease.

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