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Mini Van Hire

Mini Van Hire

The term “minivan” is one that is used to describe a vehicle that is larger than an average car but smaller and more streamlined than a passenger van. The minivan offers excellent benefits in terms of storage space and seating and is often popular with families or groups looking to travel together; the minivan can be suited to both work needs or leisure travel and allows versatility in the seating and storage arrangements. Mini van hire is becoming ever more popular and the fact that the vehicle can accommodate between four and nine seats in different combinations means that it is perfect for most tasks.

Finding mini van hire

Anyone searching for mini van hire may be best served by looking for companies that specialise in both car and van hire or solely car hire. This is because most mini vans are derived from cars and are generally classed as a passenger vehicle as opposed to a commercial vehicle.

The internet is the best way to search for mini vans for hire and is the best way to find and view the mini vans on offer. There are numerous different manufacturers that produce mini vans and in different styles and seating combinations. Finding the best deals on mini vans can be done by using a broker website.

A broker website will search through all the available mini vans in your area and list them in order of relevance or price. Broker sites often have hundreds of different companies in one database the can be filtered due to your travel requirements; once you have selected a minivan you are able to proceed with a booking, online in minutes.

The downside to broker websites is the fact that only companies with the facilities for online booking are listed, this means that the price for hire that you are given might not be the cheapest available.

Some suppliers are able to offer discounted rates on midweek days or weekend specials that will appeal to families looking to hire a vehicle large enough for both the family and luggage to travel on holiday.

What is included with hire?

The benefits that are included in your mini van hire will depend on the company from which you hire. There are certain benefits that you should expect as standard when hiring your minivan, these are:
  • Insurance
  • Breakdown and recovery cover
  • Mileage allowance
The insurance offered will differ with each company; some will offer third party liability insurance while others will supply full comprehensive insurance. Many suppliers will allow you to add an extra driver to the insurance but this will usually incur extra costs.

The breakdown and recovery cover offered is often not needed as vehicles are well maintained, however it does give peace of mind should anything go wrong.

Mileage allowance will also vary depending on the company, some will supply unlimited mileage and others will have an allowance that once passed will be charged per mile. If there is a maximum daily allowance it is never likely to be less than 100 miles per day.

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