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Long Wheel Base Van Hire

When moving home or transporting furniture, often a medium van simply won't do the job. As a result, the next best alternative before stepping up to the likes of a 7.5 tonne lorry is to take advantage of long wheel base van hire. These vehicles are effectively stretched versions of medium vans which are designed to carry as much as possible while still remaining manoeuvrable and easy to drive. They are becoming highly popular thanks to the fact that for the job they do, they're quicker, more efficient and also cheaper than overly big 7.5 tonne lorry's which often require a special license to drive.

Long wheel base van hire is often never thought of when it comes to hiring a van. When hiring any vehicle it's important to try and estimate how much space you need before you book a van to find out it's not enough. If you're worried about not having enough, then taking advantage of long wheel base van hire instead of a medium van may be the best idea because it provides you with on average 30% more space than that of a medium panel van.

With most panel vans, there is usually a long wheel base (LWB) version as well as an extra long wheel base (XLWB) version available which gives you the ability to transport all sorts of goods without needing to rely on a larger Luton style vehicle or alternatively a 7.5 tonne lorry. Unlike long wheel base van hire, Luton style vans are larger, wider and harder to manoeuvre. If you can get away with it, LWB and XLWB vehicles offer the best compromise, affording you the most flexibility.

Long Wheel Base Van hire is a great way to transport almost anything as it doesn't require anything other than a car driving license. This means that anyone with driving experience over the age of 25 can take advantage of long wheel base van hire to move almost anything. With countless van hire companies nationwide, it's a simple case of finding the nearest, taking a look at what they offer and getting ready to do some transporting.

Typically van hire companies will offer a range of packages, but when it comes to some commercial vehicles you can actually get rental terms for as little as half a day. This is great if you just need a vehicle for a few hours and there are countless companies now offering short time hire which makes the flexibility of hiring a long wheel base van hire second to none.

It's never been easier to take advantage of long wheel base van hire and today you can even book a vehicle online. Hiring a long wheel base vehicle assures you of a regularly maintained and serviced van that will have full insurance as well as breakdown coverage. The only thing that's left to do after hiring the vehicle is to get to work and take advantage of the unique flexibility and carrying ability that a long wheel base van can give you.

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