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Transit Van Hire

Transit Van Hire

The Ford Transit has been the most popular van in the UK for many years and is also a widely used vehicle in van hire services. Most van hire companies will have a version of the Transit and it is favoured over other similar vans thanks to it variety, simplicity and reliability. Transit van hire can apply to various different kinds of van and there is often a Transit available to suit any kind of job.

Types of Transit van

The transit offers a versatility that is not available with other kind of vans and will come in different shapes and sizes to cover numerous tasks. The smallest van available from Transit van hire companies is the small wheel base (SWB) Transit. The small Transit is small enough to handle like a Ford Connect while allowing much more space for loading. The SWB will offer a generous payload of 950kg and have a load volume of 5.6 metres cubed.

The next stage up in size is long wheel base (LWB) Transit van hire; this is a good option for transporting larger items and a popular choice for small house removals. The LWB transit is also a popular choice for various courier services offering a load volume of 9.1 metres cubed and a payload of 1500kg. There is also an upgraded version of the LWB and that is the XLWB Ford Transit Jumbo, the Jumbo proves the same benefits as the LWB Transit but with added load length. It is a popular choice of van for house removals and is often seen used by carpet fitters. The XLWB Jumbo benefits from extra space while being just as easy to handle as the smaller Transit’s.

The Luton van is popular with many van manufacturers and the Transit is no different. Ford has modified the Transit to have the original front cab combined with the classic Luton style box storage area. The Ford Transit Luton is the most popular van for moving house or relocating business and provides 15.1 metres cubed worth of load volume and a payload of 1400kg. Although other vans on the market are able to hold more in weight, the Transit Luton allows much more in terms of length, width and height. Luton Transit van hire can also provide the added benefit of a tail lift to provide added extra help with loading.

Finding Transit van hire

Finding a Transit van for hire is probably easier than finding any other type of vehicle, this is because the Transit is the most popular van stocked by hire firms. Using the internet presents the best way of finding hire and many companies can also offer online booking and deliver and collect the van free of charge.

The SWB and LWB Transit’s are more widely available than the XLWB and Luton as the latter two have plenty of competition from other manufacturers.

Transits are mostly available on a self-drive basis and each version of the van can be driven on a standard UK driving licence.

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